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Monday, March 30, 2009 ;
5:24 PM
Connie Talbot's "I Will Always Love You."

You are like an angel who came to grace the earth.

Thank you :)

light my way ♥

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 ;
5:12 PM
Emo Song of the Day: You make Me Feel - Westlife

I am what I am today, because I met you.

If not,
I would still be hooked to computer games.
My world would still be in shades of black and white, void of colours.
I would not feel pity for those who are being excessive.
I would not know what it means to be brave.
I would not know what is trust.
I would not know what is prudence.
I would not be truly honest to myself.
I would not be able to plan my future.
I would not know what it means to be hardworking.
I would not be able to see what I had missed.
I would not know what is fate, and what it brings.
I would not know how to care.
I would not know how wonderful it is to love children.
I would not not be able to see more clearly what are real and what are illusions.
I would not know what it means to know someone deeply.
I would not know, how it feels to be going after a dream.

My life had changed in so many ways, much more than I could write now.

But, Thank you very much, from deep inside my heart.

I love you.

light my way ♥

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 ;
7:15 PM
It feels so good to be traveling everywhere. Although I had traveled many of those places, it feels so different. I guess it's the company that makes that huge difference. I see them in a very different light.

I'm going to be selfish here and not say anything more muahahhaa!!

Anyway, song of the period now is Mr. Big's To Be With You. :)

light my way ♥

Sunday, March 01, 2009 ;
11:09 PM
Actually, I do not wish for many things in life. I do not see myself wishing to get a new computer everytime I pass by the computer shop, or that I want to watch a movie in a cinema, or to be so rich that I can buy anything.

For me, I take things as they come. I do it so often that I always hear people say that I lack a life goal or direction or whatever. But that is not true, I at least do know what I want to be when I die.

But there is one thing that I always find myself wishing. I always wished that I can reach the person I'm calling on my phone. It is just too frustrating to keep making a missed call that sometimes I lost all my mood to do anything. I would blame the supernatural for playing a fool out of me. I would have my brain bursting thinking why, why, why?! I just find it impossible not to pick up the phone. I would grow angry, because I can never get to tell what I want to tell.

So please, pick up the phone.

light my way ♥

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