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Wednesday, February 16, 2005 ;
5:34 PM
Ah, finally got the offer letter from Monash Malaysia. Earlier on, it's a conditional
offer cos they wanna see the original results statement but i dun have. So i told this
to my Ausmat director, Ms. Ruma, and she went to talk with the staff in Monash o.O .
Talk liao then kao tim and now i got the offer. Tomorrow i'm goin to pay up the general
fees then attend a course advise session. It should be advising me on the units i'm
about to take. Hehe, then later i get to choose my timetable ^ ^. After that, i'll be
going to Sunway Lagoon wit SI, KT and another 2 new frens. Would they go to the
waterpark ? My eyes are open lolx !! Anyway, check this out. Give it a rhythm of your

Full moon sways ~
Gentle in the nite of one fine day
On my way ~
Looking for one moment with my dear

Full moon waves ~
Slowly in the surface on the lake
You are there~
Smiling in my arms for all those years

What a fool!
I dunno bout tml
What its like to be
ahh ~
I was sure ~
Couldn't let myself to go
Eventhough i feel
The end...

light my way ♥

Sunday, February 06, 2005 ;
8:28 AM
If we stand back and take a look at life, it is very interesting isn't it? Starting from the time when we learn to speak, then getting new frens in skool, roughing out the study pressures together and in the end, stand up and make themselves a name. During those times, it's unmistakable that some would turn into a new leaf, because what they had done would not lead them anywhere positive. But, isn't it the stark fact that, no matter how better u had become, no matter how different you are from then, the past would always catch up and bring you back down? Look at Bill Gates, he is one of the richest in the world but no one respects him much. Why? It doesn't change the fact that he was a school dropout before. Then George Bush, people continue to make jokes at him. Why again ? A poor academic record. No matter how it is, the past is something to behold. Its power so strong it can incapicipate the future, regardless how changed you are. The world would still think you are a school dropout eventhough you had demonstrated your remarkable marketing strategies. They would still poke at you eventhough you are the leader of a nation. Although they first saw the new you but once something about your past crops up, the past and present will twirl together and be lumped into one when they are two different things altogether. So we ask ourselves, why tell people to change when in the end, it all ends up the same. The scar of the past will always be there, and because of that, no matter how sorted you are now, you will still be deemed as the same as your past. Transforming yourself will never heal the past. The only thing that will heal them, is to let go of the past. But that could never happen, because everyone in this world is different and they each uphold their own philosophies. So, why change? Why sort things out when it would never change anything? Continue to move on they say, true enough i agree, but the past will always catch up. Mistakes in the past shall deform the future, although how hard you tried to atone it, it will always remain there.

light my way ♥

Friday, February 04, 2005 ;
5:59 AM
It's has been so long eh ? Well, nothing much had happened only, just games games games these days...no...weeks. First it's Dota then now it's ROSE Online. Well, so what is this new game ? It's a game made from Gravity and Triggersoft. You can say the game's a combination of Priston Tale's graphics and RO's contents. Well, my rating for this game is a 3.5/5. It's above average considering the smooth graphics despite a low performance machine of mine and somewhat, satisfying contents instead of RYL. Aaah, i;m going out with my cuz again, see u then !

light my way ♥

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