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Friday, March 25, 2005 ;
2:42 PM
Oh man, i gonna be very broke this week. Just toda, i spent 12 bucks on a notebook and another 10 bucks on playing Dota with YH at Autosurf. Then just only 2 days ago, i actually skipped my Accounts lecture and MicroEconomics lecture to play an 8-hour spree of Dota. It's not that i got carried away but... there is really nothing new that i can gain from those two lectures. I got most of what they can offer a year ago in AUSMAT !! Pre-U courses really does make Uni life easier hehe. Wait, how much is it there already? Oh ! That 8 hour spree costs me 20 bucks so now that means i had done with 42 bucks !! That is a lot really ! I dun want to find myself penniless again. The feeling of not having money can be really depressing you know. I should now implement Financial Control Policy to limit my expenses and increase income. Once this policy is passed, i shall no longer feel poor in any way !! Okay...I shall start debating this Bill with.... should i...no.. i shall play Dota again tomorrow !!

light my way ♥

Tuesday, March 22, 2005 ;
11:49 AM
Haihz, what is this ? I woke up this morning only to find my heart very empty. I just found out today what i really wanted, and finally understood what missing someone means. It could disable you to doing only rudimentary things and only to follow the crowd. It leaves you staring out into space but not actually thinking. It makes you think back on those times together, and search for that one particular place that gives you the assurance that the person is thinking of you too. And finally it hollows out all the motivation inside you, so you are moodless in everything. But as for me, all i did at that time, was only to realize that what had gone has gone. It's time for a new start. And my blog has new songs now !! The songs are Moon on the Water ( Koyuki ) - Beck, Tong Hua - Guang Liang and the same RO BGM song.So log in and listen ;p

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Saturday, March 19, 2005 ;
5:24 PM
Damn, i'll never ever going to get any wireless broadband anymore. The latency is bad, the speed slow and the worst of all the waves are disturbed by other waves in the air !!! Hmmmph, once this contract expires, i'm going to get cable. By then.... ** DOTA ** RO ** O2JAM ** ANIMES!!!!!!!!!!!

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4:02 AM
Yo ~! Watashi wa Hatake Kakashi. Omaie wa?

Which Naruto Character are You?
Test by http://www.naruto-kun.com

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005 ;
4:18 PM
忘了有多久 再没听到你 对我说你最爱的故事
我想了很久 我开始慌了 是不是我又做错了什么

你哭着对我说 童话里都是骗人的 我不可能 是你的王子
也许你不会懂 从你说爱我以后 我的天空 星星都亮了

我愿变成 童话里 你爱的那个天使
张开双手 变成翅膀守护你
你要相信 相信我们会像童话故事里

This lyrics really reminds me of some of the things that i have been missing and also of many of the things that i have taken for granted in my past year. For me, i would let go of the past, if the past would let go of me. I dun want it to come crashing back at me but i would not deny its existence. The past is my history. It will remain true, unchanged, and will last. You are the treasure of my heart. And it will always remain so.

I had forgotten how long since i had not heard of you, to tell me the love drama that you wish to have,
I thought about it for months, and i started to panic, is there anywhere that i had done wrong again?

You told me with tears that those dramas cannot be true, comparing that, i cannot be your prince charming,
Maybe you did not know that since you told me that you love me, even the stars shine brightly above me,

I would become the hero in those love dramas,
And embrace you into a world of heavenly bliss,
You gotta believe that we will be like how the drama is,
That the ending is filled with nothing less than happiness.

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Sunday, March 13, 2005 ;
12:45 PM
Ehehehehe, i am so lazy. All i did was to eat sleep and play for the past few days but now gotta stop to study lo >.<

Yesterday friday was very exhausting. Imagine this, almost 7 hours of lectures and tutorials !!! It shouldn't be bad if they are fun but.... the economics lecturer is boring me to death !!! Cannot completely blame him cos i already know the syllabus but what is dissapointing me is that, he din crack any jokes like how he did the lsat lesson. Haihz, to make the situation worse still, the lecture is around noon and the place i'm sitting is just a door away from SHTM's deli restaurant >.< hungry hungry... groo groo = ='' I cannot completely concentrate on the lecture at all....and once it's over i rushed through the door and ordered a slice of delicious cake ^ ^

Hiehie, i'm goin for dinner now. To be continued. Note note : Onegai Twins is a superb anime but it's licensed adi. So good luck in finding them ;p

light my way ♥

Tuesday, March 08, 2005 ;
5:26 PM
Ah ~ finally back from part time work at 11pm. Damn !! Returning home at this hour ?! Is this worthed it or not? I dun even have the time to do any uni work like preparing for lecture/tutorials, reading up on the topics, in uni. we gotta learn everything ourselves but lolx, like i prepare for them anyway. I clocked in at 12, clock out at 10 so it's 70 bucks today !!! Had i told you that i spent the 1st 2 hours practically doing no work but instead went for lunch and check out a dentist ! ^ ^. But no no no no no, this is not a too-good-to-be-true job. Let's see : Task -> transcribe two 21 minutes court proceedings. Allocated time : unlimited. Average time to complete : 8 hours. I repeat !! 8 HOURS !! #$%@&&!)$&#!@^^$&@!@$$*

Now that i have this job. I can't do my assignments. So that is one week off from the allocated 5 weeks. Hope i can go all of them in 4 weeks. And since i can only sleep so late at night, it might turn out to be me instead of Pei Lin who will be waking up late. Yeah, time to change roles. Oh another thing i need in the morning, or rather in class, a lecturer/tutor that does not bore me to death. Just today, i had a lecture on Bus. Stats and tutorial on the same paper. My verdict : The lecturer is someone who loves to nag. Everytime she showed us a graph of any other kind, she goes, " Like i told you all so many times aledi, doesn't mean must put midpoint wan. The midpoint at the graph down there is useless, does not make any difference to the graph. It's only labelling the graph only. You can put upper limit also can. Must not mean need midpoint becos it is useless...". Haihz, looks like the person who really need that lesseon is herself. All her graph has midpoints = =''

But i like to praise my tutor. His class is one of those that doesn't bore me. Try this : We are discussing about a survey that asks customers to scale their points on 4 different smiley faces. Since it is obvious that 4 is not enough, we suggested adding a few more in. So he said " Good ! Maybe like adding a frown face between two smelly faces !!" LOLX !! Tak boleh tahan laughing for 5 minutes !! Shu Ting, KT and I were really struggling to control our laughter ! That is only one. His english is so "mou tak teng" that you can't help holding it back !

Oh no, really need sleep. Good la KT can wake up late. I gotta catch the morning bus >.<

light my way ♥

Monday, March 07, 2005 ;
4:36 PM
This weekend is a lazy weekend. All i ever did was to eat and sleep. Oh, there are times when i wanted to start on my assignment but after few minutes into it, i cannot understand at all and gave up. I spent most of my afternoon trying out those new heroes in Dota 6.00. Now that i look back, i feel shouldn't have done it. I try not to play next time ;p

Not long ago, i was in the night market at TTDI. My parents decided to buy some fruits and the very first thing they bought was a watermelon. I hate watermelons that aren't crunchy and that very thing turned out be. Haihz, what to do, kinda forced to eat it cos my mom said we gotta eat more cooling stuff after 2 evenings of curry and assam dishes. But the more interesting thing that happened was that, i met a few familiar faces among the crowd !! No no, not friends but the sellers there ;p There is this guy, sells pirated CDs last time with his whole family. (Their daughter is the same age as me and she is cute too ;p ) But after those raids by the police, he turned to selling mats and brooms. If my mom hadn't want to buy brooms, we couldn't have met him. If not for her again, i would never see again his trademark, "very goOD!" His expression can really make us believe that it is really good. Must try to learn from him. Then there is another uncle. He sells fruits, most of the time oranges and apples. He is quick and very witty. Before we could ask whether the fruit taste nice or not, he will always be one step ahead. He picks one up then slices them for sampling then adds in, " Dun ask me taste nice or not, i sure say nice wan" Lolx! You gotta see the way he said it, surely makes you laugh ! And since he specialises in those two fruits, he went on to show off his knowledge of all the brands in the world. In one part of the conversation, we was commenting that Sunkist Oranges are sour then he suddenly chops in " it's not sour but damn sour !" Hahahaha ! Really, it is sour and compared to the china orange he is selling now, i rather eat the china oranges. Sweet. And that is the only part that i understand, the other parts about what dry water, what Egypt, what orange rankings, i dun understand at all = =

I'll be starting work tomorrow on that court case again. Seven bucks an hour. Hehehehe.

light my way ♥

Saturday, March 05, 2005 ;
2:24 PM
I have four new friends today !! And i met them all in just a little more than an hour, haha ! They are Sue Zen, Poh Mun, Jorene and Christine. Dun ask me why all are girls only, maybe cos gurls tend to want to learn more about other people than guys ! Sue Zen is almost like a toned down version of Isabel, childly but womanly ( contradicting eh ? ). Poh Mun is a typical speccy gurl who likes lots of laughter and doesn't hesitate to share it with you. Jorene is however, another gemini, speaks softly and 1 year younger than me !! Wa lao, she must be damn smart ! And her friend is Christine but i do not know much about her cos i've talked to her for a few minutes only but her impression on me is one of those goody type gurls who really studies. In fact, our first conversation was dividing the tutorial work !!

And today, i found out Pei Lin couldn't catch up with the lecture so i taught her up a bit. Basically, the most important thing is to access the notes in the server. Once they are in our hands, it should be very easy for us to study. So i taught her that, slowly, then taught her how to print the slide show. Lolx ! In the end, i offered to photostat the notes for her so she can save some money. Am i always so generous ? Debate on this ;p

Oh yah, about that anonymous thing that happens to my blog. It seems that someone hacked into my blog. First of all, not only did that person messed up with the html codes but also went to Aulay's blog to bad-mouth her !! I got this news from Jun who suddenly called me while i was Dota-ing. Lolx ! Cannot blame her for suspecting me cos the link directs to my blog page. Well, one thing for certain is that. I will never do such a thing, much more so in public. If i find that someone really irritates me, i could on the spur of the moment swear but usually after 10 mins, i wun bother about it anymore. Besides that, the blogs that i go to have their links in my blog so if my name appears in ur blog but ur blog is not in my Party List, most certainly it's not me.

light my way ♥

Thursday, March 03, 2005 ;
3:05 PM
"Eh? How come liddat wan?" That was my first reaction when i saw my blog got mutilated. The HTML are in haywire and the entries are missing!! Haihz, it took me around one hour to patch everything back up. Now that it's done, i came to ponder the cause. It could be possible that someone hacked into my account then create havoc. What to do, my earlier password is so widely known = =''. Then another possible thing is that there is a keylogger in Monash Computer Lab but that is very highly unprobable. Or rather, to quote Samy Vellu, " It's an act of GOD" o.O

Now that it is roughly back to how it was once, i dun care about what or who did it. I want to leave this in the past. Just hope nothing like this happen again "^^"

Some new changes happened today :
1) The Business statistics lecturer started 5 minutes before her allocated time. ( So rajin ka? )
2) KT and Pei Lin got in late. KT said cos too late leave the house and Pei Lin is too late wake up. Since i could do nothing for KT, i decided to give Pei Lin wake up call in the morning. She say ok. o.O
3) Later got break so go play snooker at SP with KT. I wanna say that both of us got improvement. We played finish today's game 7 minutes faster than our previous game but it's still almost an hour. >.<
4) Went to buy CD and found out that blank CDs also got grades. Understandable everything electronic has grades but the difference between grade A and B is too large liao. Grade B lasts about 1 year but grade A is a few years. Dunno that guy lying or not. Maybe just a marketing ploy to influence us to buy those promotion CDs.....
5) Went into MUSA and found out there is a pair dancing Latin songs..........
6) I volunteered to help the management lecturer relieve her burden of carrying 3 boxes of notes. Maybe i shouldn't have done that, i was starting to fall asleep after 20mins into the lecture. Of all things that gonna happen, the lecturer chose to overload us with info....it's not long later that my brain got numb.....
7) A 4th year engineering student is taking 5 hours of lectures and tutes starting next week, how he tahan ?!
8) Drove home fully prepared to drop down and sleep but instead watched Beck = ='
9) I'm very bored at home but i dun have the mood to do assignments...tell me what to do... *cries*

light my way ♥

Tuesday, March 01, 2005 ;
2:47 PM
Yo !! Finally after endless days of holiday boredom, i can finally step into a class and start learning ! Yeah !! I got to drive on my first day too,...hehehehe. Stop short, on the clock, i arrived, on the dot ! Woot ! My lecture starts at 8 in the morning and yeah ~ it is really early. Early enough for decent hardworking students like Pei Lin to be ready to fall asleep ! I'm very sure if the lecture lasted more than an hour she would go poop and snore on the table and i dun wan someone's snore to disrupt my learning ;p. Jyoudan dane ! However exciting it is, the lecture is hontoni boring ~! My lecturer for Business and Economics Statistics Unit is just another Mr. Choo, albeit the female version. She just gotta state and elaborate on the obvious !! Jeez, we can read !! Hello ~!! Are we stupid enough to understand that you dun wan anyone to be late ? Tell me which lecturer wants it ?! Ah ~. The tutorial class later, to me, is worse than the lecture. That guy up there Mr. Choong ( eh? relative of Mr. Choo? ) is teaching everyone of us how to use Excel and its various tricks. And since i've learned bout them before in my AUSMAT course, goin to go through another such lesson again is boring ~! Btw, good thing he ended the tute early.

I spent my afternoon watching Bleach 19 and 20. Wao, Inoue-san looks prettier by the episodes ( ;p ). But that's not why i watched it. The storyline is similar to Constantine but minus out the main character striving to save the world. This anime, is a must watch. Even the amount of people getting their hands on this anime is 1.5 times more than those who's getting Naruto !! Amazing huh ? Speaking about Naruto, KT just found a website that offers unlicensed and LICENSED anime !! Click on his name and hope he mention them out. Frankly, i forgotten the website URL.

Oh yeah, while i was browsing around the net. I came upon this link. Hope you enjoy his song.
Reshmonu - Hey Waley
His debut album got lots of nice songs and i find this song one of my favs

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