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Sunday, October 30, 2005 ;
7:05 AM
"A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects." - Robert Heinlein

For those who wants to specialise, you are an insect. :)

light my way ♥

Wednesday, October 26, 2005 ;
12:59 PM
Preliminary report by alphabetical order :
godzie - Hmmmm... no idea. Should sit her car one day but seems like she got chauffeur liao....

nArUtO - Sometimes very gentle... especially if got girls in his car.... but when its only boys... completely diff liao. On roads that he is very familiar with... he almost always drive at the top speed. Mild corners around 70km/h... while typical ones he would demand 55 km/h out of his car... the worst cases are those times he nearly drift... Then adding to that, he knows the dimension of his car... so a lot of manouvreings are mostly done without much braking (if any at all)... well.. that thanks to all the scratches you made to your car and mine :/ Overall: Racer wannabe

ObAsaN - She accelerates very fast!! I think the pedal kena pressed until 65%. However... that surge of speed tapers off slowly once her kenari reaches about 70 km/h so that means... follow speed limit lo haha!! However le... on roads that seemed not to have speed cameras... she would drive around 100+. Fuuyo.. even got a real oba-san also drive so fast XD But since all i can observe are two chances, one where she restrain restrain sikit... and the other on LDP... there's really nothing much to say. Ah... one more thing... oba-san goes real slow at corners... either her car or her cannot take it. Overall: My mum's favourite driving style, composed and by the rule.

sMUrFie - First thing! A junk car can perform so dun underestimate!! Acceleration is normal... maybe press halfway max only. Then as for top speed... dunno much about that cos the place is always so jam...haihz. Braking? Late breaker!! Not only that... also know roughly the time to get things done. smurfie can join the likes of Rubens Barrichello and also.... my second sis hehe. One thing i noticed today is that for manouvres to the right... smurfie is being extraordinarily prudent... can cut but dun want to cut... cos driver seat also on the right iszit... Overall: Knows how to drive the car to suit her needs

ReJax - Self praise is no praise first. I got 2 driving styles... one the gentle type and the other the seemingly garang type. I usually use the gentle type when i drive for my mom (you know my mum driving style d la....) So everything is done slightly... acceleration = slight... braking = very slight... driving comfort = sleepy... Well to the other type... i uphold the principle of braking-neccesity. I only brake when i need to slow down to the top speed for that corner or the cars are just too slow.... and when i go about... i would drive my car to the limits... but of cos la... within the rules (although bend sikit)...i dun want to bang a car that is not mine... Overall: The driving style i prefer is one of my cousin's.. controlled perfectly for maximum passenger comfort throughout the ride. He really can do that... i din even notice that he braked from 65 - 0 in 2 secs

imm - Haha!! Sat your car many times ad.. in my opinion.. you have gotten the limits of what your kelisa can do liao... accelerate also keng.. brake also sharp.. cornering... can rival naruto d... maybe time to change car?

kElvYn - Brother is a racer kind of person... naturally he is also la. But after he got into accident his driving a bit cautious liao... last time ar... rev till the red limit then only change gear... it was real fun wei!!

JeAn - my 2nd sis. My notion? Scary. If you think i'm reckless...she is insane. I guess that roughly sums up her style.

light my way ♥

Monday, October 24, 2005 ;
3:10 PM
Wah... not to say that i din expect this... but my hard disk only got 160MB left?! Wa liew weh!! I downloaded 17GB of stuff in just 2 weeks!! Haihz... i burned out 18 CDs of anime.... and still got a lot more episodes to go.... but at least it has 9GB now. The rest.... later only take care la ;p

light my way ♥

Saturday, October 22, 2005 ;
3:10 PM
Jay Chou is going to release his new album this November to coincide with the album's name "November's Chopin'". Here is an exclusive release from Hit.fm (Taiwan) of his first track - Ye Qu (Nocturne). But translating it literally, it means The Song of the Night.

Download link : Original, Edited

On another note, Parkson U has been spotted broadcasting the MV :)

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Thursday, October 20, 2005 ;
1:15 PM
Version 0.8

Changes :
- Finally!! A chatter box!! hahahaha!!! Feel free to drop by :)

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005 ;
3:10 PM
Aha!! Today was pretty eventful :)

Lemme see.... i woke up to the sweet smell of the morning dew drops and was carefully brushing the magestic scent of love - I'm blaming that on Suzuka ;p

Nah... it was quite rushing really. I woke up late for class!! Class is at 12 ( it doesn't help that i had happily forgotten to remind myself about it ) and i'm up at 11.30. Talk about rushing!! I chomped down a serving of One-Ton-Mee (literally please) and drove at the speed bordering on reckless!!! And at one of the corners when i was immitating Button to drive past that slow car in front of me, 3 policeman were right there sneering!!!!!! The look on their faces!!! And that guy doing the talking was grinning at me = ='' But hah!! I had put on my signal that i was going left to cut that gal but with the all powerful 'P' license sporting itself at the top left corner of my car, i was exempted for concerting such a move :)

So i thought, at least i won't be late. Reaching within 15 minutes for a 23 minute journey was quite exceptional. But haihz ~ another problem. Slow cars on the fast lane is already one thing, the guard just had to tell me that there are no parking space left!! Haihz... late liao la. But nevermind la... i might get a chance to save 2 bucks when i park by the shop-houses later. While on the way le, I met up with police again. Hmmmm... is that a message for me? Then again... as usual, boh parking space BUTTT there are a few along the -supposedly- yellow line area that has lots of shades and passed most of the voluminous amount of criteria to be elegible for a perfect parking lot. Aha!! Should I or should I not? I am only one step away from executing my 'talents' in side parking. But le haihz... i decided not to after i thought of oba-san colouful experiences in parking, and somemore of meeting so many polices today, and again of smurfie's adventure, haihz... flats here i come. No more saving 2 bucks liao.

But that pales with what happens next!! No no, not that everything becomes worse but the truth is that i like to learn new stuff (but don't test me on what i'd learnt!!). So first thing, i just found out where SHTM bakes their stuff (Hehehehehe...*grinning*) and i donated blood today!! Haha!! At first the gals took the initiative wan. Godzie is veteran ~ (Oooo ~). I watched as they go through all those test. At first ok ok wan... absorbing new stuff as I go along until sAr-DErN-Li got one mouse behind me squeeking at the sight of blood. Lagi zha dou is that oba-san is also on the verge of screaming - I lost weight!!! -. Cut things short la. Only the vet (pun intended) got through. Oba-san and smurfie le... one cos not immitating popeye's diet but good thing lost weight while the other one lost too much. Kekeke :) Anyway ~ i observed the whole process and finally decided. Hmmm. This is something i can do. Following on my principle to get as many experiences as possible. I charged forward!!! Only to meet 2 seemingly gay nurses. How could i identified them?! No la not because i'm gay la haihz ~ How come some ppl have that connotation. I'm as straight as any new age guy :0 The reason is... the way they talked... reminded me of Afiq only. That guy i tell you, belongs to the reknown BBBS gay group, who, of all things to do, could apply make up in class. Luckily the most they did was talk to me. I would freak out if they are the one doing all those blood sucking procedures!! I dun mind getting blood sucked by a gorgeous XD Hmmm... i knew the painful part is at when they clipped your finger at the first test (i suspected it's a stapler at first XD) then the next part is when they insert that at least 5mm in diameter tube to harvest the life energies out of you. My experience? First part ok la. Little bit only. I've known more pain than that. That evil tube? Ooohhh ~ That is the worst. Not about the pain but the knowledge of something excruciatingly foreign that is right inside you but there is nothing you can do about it! The metal thingy rubs at my muscles everytime i squeeze that pipe. The intermittent pain that strikes me at every moment i thought that everything is alright. The insidious thought that i might be a bit weak later to concentrate. And the foregone conclusion that i might not see the light anymore...... Ok la. I'm like bad mouthing blood donation only wan. Hehe. The ultimate pleasure i got out of this is that later the evening, I met this old uncle who had just undergone an operation. Last time le, he was a bit slow, reactive and senile kind of person. Wah!! After the blood tranfusion le, fuyoo ~ damn energetic liao!! Can joke tim!! That is the best reward :)

Finally!! Going to end soon. I found out that -left blank intentionally due to inconclusive investigation- then on to OMG!!! I'm stopped by police on my way home!! What is happening today?!?! The police had a crush on me iszit?! Like everywhere i go also see them. Haihz. Cham la. If i din rmb wrongly, one summon = no more driving :/ Reluctantly, i follow lo. What to do. Die then die la. Then i started to rewind back to the time i left college. The only thing i did was to drive at 5km/h more than the speed limit. Liddat also tangkap meh ~ I saw more drivers faster than me also. Haihz. Lower down my window lo. And this straight guy came to me (i have to stress that!!), Sorry ya. Kami nak buat survey kenapa you guna jalan ni.

*sweat drop*

light my way ♥

Monday, October 17, 2005 ;
12:33 PM

Now v.2

What a long delay Haha!

- New image.
- One entry on Sunday.

Few hours later....

- New codes (And a myriad of stuff in it)
- Modified fonts

Fixes to come:
- It might be too hard to read.... :/

More to come

light my way ♥

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