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Tuesday, September 25, 2007 ;
12:34 AM
What I like to do most, is multitasking. It may not seem to be efficient working process to some people, but that is how I do things. Because you see, I simply cannot focus. I have attention deficit disorder, I cannot possibly be able to anything one at a time. Without knowing and doing anything new, I'll die. Like life has no meaning, life is just monotonous. I rather lie down and sleep forever if it's like that.

Now when I see something new, I get renewed rigour and will strength to pursue it. This energy seems to come out of nowhere, like out of nowhere lolx! This is when I can focus a lot, my brain goes into overdrive, ideas, solutions and crap would just flow out like a waterfall.

Which is exactly why, I need to multitask. After writing for assignments, my brain gets clogged up. So I go and chat on MSN. Since people take time to reply, I'm here writing this entry. And while I'm typing again, I go back to my assignment and write myself another 50 words. And the cycle restarts. You see, once I do this 50 times, I get an essay done. Isn't it that easy?

Now, if only I had more time to do this 50 times...

light my way ♥

Thursday, September 13, 2007 ;
11:07 PM
You know that there are those times, when you had planned it all ahead. The concept of the things you want to do, how you are going to do it, what would be the expected reaction to it, then maybe what doing it will bring to your life.

What I meant is that, plans could be drafted ahead, but whether it is achieved in the end, is never certain.

Like I planned that I'm going to tackle and hopefully finish at least 2 of my assignments during the holidays. And up until so far, yes, I did read and chose my topics to answer, but had not completed a single one yet as of today.

The time when I planned to do something for a person I like, even if I practised two days ahead, trained myself to say the right words and do the right actions, but once I see her, nothing comes out of my mouth, and my actions were not moving as they should. As though I got hit and had a blank out, everything is so white....

I admit that I'm a lost when I get close, that everything that can go wrong goes wrong. Haha! At least I can still laugh it off in the interim moment..

The only thing that I pride myself now, where I can complete the whole process, from planning until finishing it on time, is cooking. I had a thought to make herbal chicken soup for supper, and invite everyone few nights ago. Planned it at 1800 hours, made it at 2200 hours. It's not bad to be honest, but it lacks my mom's cooking flavour. Maybe in time, I can cook something delicious.

Now this brings me to my next project, Pepper soup. I just bought the stuff today over at Belconnen market, lucky I din bring anyone along, I got lost lolx! Must maintain my reputation of being a good navigator ;p


Two words to bring them home,
Along with happiness carved in stone,
Today, it's nothing of the usual tone,
these two words, welcome home!

Wah! That just came up right off the hat! Keke ;p

light my way ♥

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