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Wednesday, December 20, 2006 ;
9:11 AM
Testing testing... juz posting for the sake of posting lolx!

I'm actually at my workplace now.. no people so I'm free to do other things like blogging!

So this is where I'm working now..

And a A$6000 or Rm17,000 computer desktop!

Yeah, I bought myself a new camera at cost price ;p

light my way ♥

Wednesday, December 13, 2006 ;
5:58 PM
Who would have thought that a part-timer would have the chance to have SEAFOOD DINNER in place of the boss?! Well.. I just indulged myself on a succulent 8 course dinner, complete with wine and coffee! And also with a lake view, wow.. this is great!

I had HUGE squids, fresh oysters, marinated prawns, baked cod fish, fried butter chicken and grilled lamb. Oo la la, what a feast!

Although the dinner was very good, what disappoints me most is that in the lucky draw, Seagate did not include its latest 750GB Hard Disk! So stingy lolx! But then again, compared with Western Digital dinner, Seagate only spent half of WD's budget, a low $60 per head. Come on, I'm sure you can do better! Even WD included HDD in their lucky draw prize.

But how can I complain lolx! This shouldn't be happening for a small fry like me. Must appreciate :)

light my way ♥

Thursday, December 07, 2006 ;
5:32 PM
Woot! I went for probation trials for both of my jobs today! It really surprised me that the computer shop called me one day late to usher me for a tryout! That's good haha! That is how I spent 6 hours basically helping out potential customers around, collect and input incoming stock and some other menial works like putting up stocks for display. Arrgh.. when will I be given a chance to build a computer, I'm itching to build! Something peculiar is that the actual boss are almost missing for the most of the day, only coming in to replenish stock. I haven been given the chance to handle money yet (duh!) but I doubt I would ever have that chance. Very sien to call my customers to find my colleagues to pay money. The job wasn't hard, quite easy as today wasn't a busy day. Wonder how would a really busy day would be. It's like taking a stroll. Anyway, I left the place reminding myself to know where and what stuff the shop has ~

Unlike the long probation, the restaurant try-out is short, close to just an hour. It was a crash course. I'm totally in charge of an important information chain! There are 3 sections for this restaurant, the waitering, the kitchen and everything else in between. I'm in the middle department. What I did was to receive the orders from the waiters, prepare them properly for the kitchen to cook and for the guys who serve. This part is easy, just to clip the tags for the kitchen and put the other sheet up on a board. Then when the kitchen rings, if there are no one around available I'm expected to help serve it. Just to take out the keg and cross out it from the sheet then serve, simple as that, complete with a smile. But the kitchen is very slippery, dun like it. However, that's not all. The other half of my job is inside the kitchen! To wash the teapots, prepare the tea, stuff the rice inside that tupperware, take out the cleaned bowls, cutleries and the others. Though when I did not exactly focus on that earlier, dun really like the kitchen. But overall, I'm good enough to be hired, unlike some other guy earlier who did drastic mistakes, as so I heard.

And yea, beware of the rice you are eating. They might be recycled. Blame it on those who dun eat finish their rice.

light my way ♥

Sunday, December 03, 2006 ;
5:26 PM
Seems like the body readjusts itself quite quickly. When I was just hit with ear block after using that Waxsol thingy, I couldn't hear anything from my left. So its like almost half deaf lol! But after around 4 days, I could start to differentiate sounds coming from the 'prohibited' zone, so it's all kinda good then.

The ear syringing procedure reminds me of a water gun. The nurse fires water straight into my ear, to my previously unfounded horror that the ear drum would break when touched my anything haha! At least I know now, it's tough.

After a few cracking sounds in the ear, pop all the wax comes flowing out. Left ear cleared, now I can hear. Although I would not say that it's akin to a whole new left world being discovered, but almost close to that. The brain needed adjustments ;p

Next, left with the right ear just to complete the symmetry ;p

light my way ♥

Friday, December 01, 2006 ;
7:35 PM
Woot! I can't believe I'm writing a story! Although it's not meant for entertainment but yea, I'm doing it. It's about this group of adventurers trying to go about living the world. But then, the world is set on the game I'm creating. So then, the whole point of writing it is to capture interest and explain features 'delicately'. Lolx!

And my left ear is still blocked, can't hear anything properly now. Oh please, go away >.<

light my way ♥

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