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Monday, February 27, 2006 ;
1:15 AM
There is another shopping centre quite a distance away from the campus, and we need a bus to go there. It's seriously far but the cheaper price might be worth it. I got myself softener from a discount shop, a tumbler and snacks :)

The group were Ai Ling, Eric, Alex, Barney, Kar How, Yoke Kei, Sem, Xiu Qi, Naruto and me. Well, all of us wanted to buy something, mainly Barney wanna give a certain someone a present, Yoke Kei and Xiu Qi a brand new tennis racquet and god they took real long to choose hahah!! Naruto wanted a standing fan, and i got the stuff i wanted ;p

What are the snacks for actually? Hehe, it's for the study group!! Gotta start studying at the first week, and to prevent each other from slacking too ma. Can say.... that this is the first time in uni that i had done all my tutorial work lolx!!

Oh yea, i'm taking a triple major, Accounting, Finance and International Business hoho! Haven seen any other ppl taking this same course, maybe other than Firdaus. So this sem i gotta take Dynamis of Asian Business, Management Accounting, Company Accounting and Money Market lolx!!! Still got a first year subject in 2nd year hehe!!

Now 2nd week start liao... so fast.... but my washed clothes smells nice!! Lolx!!

light my way ♥

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 ;
11:06 PM
New semester start liao loo. Good thing i had a LOT of rest for the past few days, just chilling out around. One thing diff here is that we can only sign up for our tutorials AFTER the first lecture and as for first year subjects, we wun know the tutorial timetable beforehand. Good grace i could arrange my timetable last week, so all i need to do is to RUSH to the computers in campus and fight for that 20 places. = ='' And it's seriously crazy, classes gets filled up within seconds!! There was the class i wanted is full so desperately I chose the next best alternative. Then when it's Naruto's turn to sign up, the place is free!! Fuyoo, should have seen both of us rushing to log out and ultimately grab that last place lolx!!

The lecture times here are still the same, 2 hours lecture and an hour of tute. But especially for some first year subjects like Microeconomics, there are 3 hours of lecture, an hour of tute and for some others, even a workshop at 5-6pm!! 70% of the slots available for 4 days are practically littered with teaching slots. Where can anyone not get stressed out with such a timetable?! So sien meh the lecturer >.<''

Yesterday was also my first attempt to get a part-time job. There's a new shop in campus, selling asian food so Naruto and I went over to ask if they need us. And they do!! BUT... we have to work there for four days from 12-3, lunchtime. And our noon slots are full for 3 days, all lectures!! So without lady luck smiling behind us, guess it can't be helped that extra money must come from outside the campus.

Anyway, check this out!!

Pretty cool huh?

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Saturday, February 18, 2006 ;
12:55 AM

My first meal and lunch!! It was a delicious fried keuy teow and sparkling water :o
The plasticware and the bottle is reused... creatively soon ;p

This is one of the four types of trains in service in Sydney. This does not have air conditioner >.<

A sunset from the balcony. Not exactly beautiful, maybe Manly Island might provide better scenes ;p

Queen Elizabeth 2. It's a HUGE ship but only oba-sans and oji-sans gets invited ^ ^''

Another beautiful ship!!

Two talented young boys. Plays great music!!

This is the Sydney Town Hall. So many tourists and students!!!


light my way ♥

12:46 AM

We found Milly sniffing around today at the courtyard!!! Milly is a dog and she is very very friendly with all of us. Her owner is Keith, the Head of Hall and she is very lovely. I tried to pat her, but she ran away from me = =''

This time, the Ursies went to the Multicultural Festival together. With them, I learnt another better path today, it's shaded and no sandy path. My shoes can last longer using this way hehe. Halfway to the Union Court, I and Charis dropped by at the security building to collect my lost passport from them. They are very friendly :)

Both of us couldn't catch with the group, so the two of us went our own way. The stalls are no longer selling all kinds of food but turned into community centres offering services. Charis wanted a balloon so much that she went straight to get her balloon from the nearest stall. It's a 'how-to-complain' stall, by OMBUDSMAN i think. And i got myself a stress ball :)

Charis looks very cute with the balloon, like a small gurl enjoying so much. If you dunno her, it would be very hard for you to guess that she is around 23 years old ^ ^''

We were strolling about and bumped into Barney gang (Barney, Sem, Shinya and Masa). Since some of us wanted to try some food, we got ourselves Dalmades (dumpling with white wine <-- Barney's analysis), Souvalik (Beef satay, with chunky meat from the top till the end, Shinya's) and hot dog(Barney's). Oh, Masa wanted to try that Dolmades but he din like it, so it got dumped to our MPSJ Barney!! Then later again, we went for a short visit at the Canberra Centre. It's a shopping centre basically, two floors with a basement and the only shopping centre withing walking distance. Most stuff we need are here. So here, feeling thirsty from those grilled things, we grabbed for juices with yogurt!! Heard before of Juice Boost? There is a franchise back in Malaysia but there is a very big difference. The regular size here is the large size there = ='' I spent 30 minutes finishing my regular raspberry drink!! Charis is smart, she ordered the Kid's size ^ ^'' And I should say Barney is superb, he finished his regular faster than Charis.

The Ursies grouped up again for the trip back home!! Xiu Qi got herself 2 small baskets for laundry, and she looked like an Ah Sam hahaha!! She admitted it too so no offense here. ;p Yoke Kei continued her shopping spree, with so many things I think it's easier to say she is building a home right now ^ ^''

My mood was great today. Felt very at ease and could express however i wanted. Jia Yun couldn't take it lolx!! I think with a little bit more prodding she would wack me for talking crap hahah!!

It was Block Wars this afternoon!! My block colour is black but white is also accepted. So there are the red A block, blue B block, green C block and us the black & white D block!! The games we played are interesting. First one up is Wheel Barrow where a guy holds his partner's leg and the partner gotta go forward using his hands!! I partnered with Anson and he is one very quick fellow. We swayed away from the finish pont and gotta turn back lolx!! D block won this round ;p Then is the Sack Jump Race. It's very common where u gotta be in the sack and jump forward. Ryu was the hero of the team. So balanced that u can't help but think he is great. There is also another 'great'!! This Aussie did not use his hands to lift up the sack to cover his legs and rather use his toes to pick the sack along as he jumped!! Woohoo!!! D block wins again!!

Next up is the Thong Throwing. With 2 guys and 2 girls, they are to take those slippers and throw as far as they could. Among the greatest throw was the unconventional!! Instead the throwing with the sole at the bottom, this was done top side and it really flew far far away. Is she studying physics?! The marks are given based on the farthest throw and the best grunt. I loved the dramatic grunts and stunts!! I got supremely amused!! But none the better than Milly chasing after another dog far away from us. She is flirting eh? Lolx!!

3 more games: Three Legged Race, Scrum Ball and the not-to-be-missing Tug of War!! Keeping things short, D won the three legged race, D won the scrum ball. We are just too dominating!!! BUT!! We lost like a fly got swat!! 1! 2! 3! and D went down = ='' C was terrorising everyone but A have the best Tug team!! With such heavyweights and a miracle hunk, how could anyone win!! That indian hunk, has strong muscles!! He literally just used his hands to pull and did not even rely on his body weight!! OMG!! D was losing so badly, and the Tug scores are doubled. Out first place might be gone but we are rooting for B block to win!! They got the least point at 32, we got 54 ;p

As it is, D block still won because we are just too great earlier!!

Jia Yun and Xiu Qi was in hyperspeed mode when they got back into the hall. Knowing that girls wants to be clean, they gotta be first to grab to shower room. As for myself, i did the same thing rightaway!! Just threw the stuff on the mess area and ran!! So what we found at the toilet? Just us = =''

There are beer and pizza at the courtyard later. Since I have not drank any beer b4, i think Ursula would be the best place to try my first drink! Xiu Qi wanted to try too so we shared our bottle. Barney was busy complaining to us that one of the beers, "Cold" has no taste at all!! But since he drinks, maybe no taste to him is a lot of flavor to us. So we tried it. And it really does not have any taste = ='' I drank about 80% of the bottle and i could feel my head heating up!! Though not yet drunk, i think i might if i continue. And amazingly, pizza and beer goes very well!!

To spice up some fun, we got introduced into 'Murder'. Our final version has 2 killers, 2 police and the rest are civilians. When the game starts, no one should talk and must look at each other. The killer kills by blinking at the civilian and the police have to find out who is the killer. Charis always got killed. And Shinya was so blurred by beer that he din know he was the killer = ='' Diana was the best killer because she got to kill everyone b4 the police could find her!! I had two games being the killer. And i had my fine run too, by using my phone as the barrier, everyone thought im waiting to be killed, keke!! I got untill 5 left to kill. Shinya was too blur to know i 'stabbed' him 2 times. Diana was the police and she was staring at me for a very long time. So for that long time she had her eyes over me, i couldn't kill!! I guessed that the other police must be Zhaoyu so i aimed at Tomoya. But i got tricked!! Tomoya is the police!!! Arrrgh!! The second game isn't better either, my first target was a police and got killed instead = =''

We moved on to Pictionary. It's where the artist had to draw and the other members had to guess out what it is. Everyone's drawing was hilarious!! But Tomoya draws out very nicely!! Due to the fact that the board game is a bit complex, we modified to acting instead of drawing!! And the champion of the day is Shinya!! A video recording of him acting should come soon ;p

light my way ♥

12:44 AM

I hope that weekend breakfast would not be this forever. There was only cereals, milk and toast for breakfast!! Where have the scrambled eggs gone to? Bacon? Tomato? Where?! Haihz... where have they gone >.<

The breakfast did not help at all to keep my body warm, I was shivering all over when the Ursies gathered for the bus tour organised by ANU. At least the sun was up by the time we reached there, I craved for heat to beat the cold!! But it din take long until the conditions allowed me to take off my sweater and I'm on the tour!! We went around some famous landmarks in Canberra like Mt. Ainslie, rode pass the Australian War Memorial and the Parliament Building.

Mt. Ainslie is one of the highest points in Australia and the peak is designed to have a 360 degrees view of Canberra. We can see from as far as from the airport till the end of the suburbs. Naruto is lamenting for his camera that he left behind in his room. Apparently he had a nought to take his camera on his way to join the Ursies but he decided against it. Awww. Then we spent like 2 hours at the Parliament Building. They are open for public access and anyont can go in and see the sessions going on. ANU had been given a guided tour and we learnt a lot of the history of the Parliament Building, some important paintings (it seems the paintings of prime ministers aren't important, they aren't even mentioned!), the arrangement of seats and other miscellanous stuff. The House of representatives is very large and the design is like office like, with the same kind of colour for the carpet(that green if u know) and walls. The transcribing are done through voice recognition technology, certainly helps a lot than human ears!!! Senate has the high class look, with reddish carpet and the Australian Shield, that has a kangaroo and emu beside it, apparently to symbolise that Australia can only go forward because these animals can't walk backwards. Some special things worth mentioning is that they have few specific sound proof rooms for young school children coming to see the sessions. The representatives wouldn't want any noice :) Our final detour in the building is going up the roof section. Naruto and I had taken several pictures with the gang we hang out with, they are down below!

We stopped over at the Multicultural Festival at Civic(City centre). There were lots of food stalls, numbering around 100 over of them, with foods from Poland, to Vietnam to Argentine. There were five of us: me, Naruto, Xiu Qi, Jia Yun and Yoke Kei. We shared our lunch so I bought first with a Ethopian Doro, like spaghetti chicken with rice and sour cream, pretty standard, the rice is very hard while the sour bread is really sour lolx! Jia Yun bought Hungarian Fried Bread (Langos), it's topped with sour cream, garlic and parmesan cheese. The best food, crispy and tasty ;p We went on to Danish food(I think), Xiu Qi bought 2 doughnut dipped in dark chocolate and a fried curry puff. The doughnut is not round but it's a stick with sprinkles of sugar. Both of them tasted delicious!! Russian food caught our eye later, Yoke Kei got us pelemori(not quite sure) and it tasted exactly the same as chinese fried dumplings, maybe cos Xiu Qi seasoned it with soya sauce rather than sour cream hehe. The last thing for dessert is fudge!! Naruto forked out the most among us for this, 200g for $8!! We chose 100g of Rum & Raisin and Coconut Ice. The Coconut Ice is still with me at 12am now, we just forgot about it. The fudge is wonderfully sweet and we can taste the rum strongly. Nice ;p

While we were going to the fudge, we ran into a dog fight!! Apparently one was protecting his territory when this dog passed by. The paserby dog got chased aside and banged into the girls, Xiu Qi's jean got licked = ='' Good thing the owners controlled them and we were soon on our away and stayed away from the protecting dog as far away as we could. Beside that, we saw this innovative machine that squeezes juices. The operator rolled the orange into the machine and inside, it slices the fruit into half and then with few rotating objects, squeezed out the juice. Seen it right?

It was shopping later!!! For the girls that is, the boys are the free labour ^ ^'' Got myself lip balm for $3.75. Planned to use it as my lips are getting quite dry here. Australians from other parts complain that too hehe.

Before the Ursula orientation dinner, I played table tennis with Naruto over my hall, and met Steve here. Know his name only though. So with a collared casual shirt, black casual trousers and leather shoes, I met up with the Malaysian gang down by the courtyard. I think all of us, together with SGeans, Koreans, HKese, Chinese and Japanese friends, took like 20 over pictures. The people are just too enthusiastic. We might turn into statues after posing for so long!! Lolx!!

We were randomly placed for dinner. This is done so that everyone can know more people rather than sticking with the same group. The gang thought we might go passed this hurdle by going in at different times but it worked successfully!! Everyone have at least another member with them at the tables. Dessert was superb tonight, I have no idea what it is called.

Today, Naruto had a new nickname, Xiao Mao Mi (Small Cat, cutely said), thanks to him wandering to nowhere and not to be found when we weren't looking at him. Some new friends today are Yoke Kei, Amanda and Matt(Aus), Jenna and Hazel(Korean), Chun Yi(HKese), Kar(Msian) and an American. Forgot another 2 Malaysian names. Haihz.

I'd done my first laundry in my life today!! Together with Xiu Qi and Yoke Kei, mentored by Jia Yun, we got our laundry from washing until drying it. So while waiting for the clothes to run its course, we took to playing table tennis and pool. Sem hanged out with us. Shared my knowledge about table tennis and pool to them, they can become champions soon ;p

Leaving the best thing for last, the security found my passport!!! It is at the Security Office right now but I was busy with so many things going on. It's still there right now at midnight. Well, it should be safer there than me keeping it ;p Now no more difficulties and I'll be keeping it very safe this time ^ ^''

light my way ♥

Thursday, February 16, 2006 ;
1:33 AM
10 Feb


Woke up feeling kinda terrible today. I had no calls about my passport and I could shudder at all the hurdles ahead. Just hoped that enrolment does not need my passport. I had three tasks today, To give my room agreement to the office, enrol myself into ANU and go to the embassy to report my passport and apply for a new one. The Ursies(Ursulaians) gathered before heading over to the Melville Hall to register. I stayed behind for Naruto, he is still in the room when everyone had left = ='

There were like 60 other people lining up when we reached the hall. We had no idea if they were waiting for their enrolment form or to get into the hall. But we just waited anyway. The coffee stall beside the line was very tempting, even for a non-coffee drinker like me. At the end of the line, we wasted out time, they were waiting for their forms!! Both of us went straight in for the Visa check. Since it is viewable from the waiting area, I've seen everyone showing both their passport and their e-visa to the officer in charge. Passport is needed!! Feeling kinda dejected, I proceeded to Task 3. Before that, I stumbled into the Information Centre if they had news of it. There was none so i searched my way to the nearest police station, with directions from that Centre. The police are very fine and helpful, everything is done by police volunteers and my report is settled in 10 minutes.

So the next thing is to take a bus at the bus interchange, another 15 mins walk again. I thought it should be Bus 34 but after some checks, I should be taking Bus 30/31. Well, a single student trip is $1.30, very expensive by Msian standards but the service is great. They are very punctual. However, I have only found that I need to stop too late, I was already on the highway and the embassy area is fast slipping behind me. The guy dropped me at a bus stop outside the canberra map i was provided!!! I was frantic when I can't find the street name on the map but the good thing i still know the general way. After walking a while, got myself back in the map and headed towards the Msian Embassy. On the way, I saw a notice stating that this site was for the Czech Republic, but there are nothing but grasses there = =''

It was a half hour walk before i reached. Got myself into the Consular section and started filling up 3 forms, all in Malay. I struggled for a while first, since there are some questions that isn't in context at all. Berlaku selama means selama, but in the context of the passport number in front of that phrase, it just doesn;y make sense. And I doubt the guy in charge understands Malay when i asked him to explain. It is only after I showed him the blank space that i got the answer i needed. A form was to apply for a new passport, another to report the loss and the last one to apply for a temporary passport. In addition to that, I need 10 other documents of 2 copies each, namely my identity card, immigration letter, police report etc etc. But the police in Canberra are paperless!! They no longer print a report. Due to that, I spent my 3 hours out of 4 hours, for Naruto to correspond for me over the phone and sms, then for the embassy to understand that it couldn't be done. Thank you Naruto!!! Finally, I was told I need a statutory declaration done at that same police station, to be done myself. So I headed back, on foot again!! I found the Protective Service patrolling the embassy zone and asked for help for the nearest bus stop to go back to the station. They said my best bet would be Commonwealth Ave. by the British Embassy. And there might be a shortcut path through the bushes. Tried that and it was blocked by an embassy halfway through. Got into a lot of spiderwebs already >.< Once i got back into that same place, I told the guy that it din worked. We chatted for a while about Malaysia, mainly about driving there. He complains about them not following rules like signalling and all those but he loved the food there. Always about the food ^ ^''

Finally found that elusive bus stop after a 30 minutes walk. In actual fact, just another 15 minutes would land me at the ANU campus but before i could decide on that, a bus came so I sat on it. At least I dun need to walk past a construction area. Had the declaration in my file, pretty fast again, and with another 45 minutes till after hours, I hope i can reach back in time to setup my internet connection.

Yea, just barely enough time before they stopped collecting money at 4pm. Lots of new students came today, and Joanne is very very busy at the desk. Poor her :(

Got the IT guy to setup my laptop but due to some other admin problems, i gotta wait till it's settled before i can go online. But for the time being, I would be able to access the ANU LAN.

My passport... please come back to me... dun wanna wait 5 months to 5 years for a new passport, neither do i want to pay $150!!

light my way ♥

1:23 AM

This is my first group pic at the rooftop of the Australian Parliament Building. That's Jia Yun, me and Yoke Kei!

Another pic, with some poses in ;p
Me, Yoke Kei, Xiu Qi and Xiao Mao Mi(new nick)!!

Went for the National Multicultural Food Festival. This is our first dish, Ethopian chicken rice.

Tasted like spaghetti ;p

Errr... gay police?

Highly innovative fruit juicer machine!! The orange rolls into the blade in between and gets sliced. The balls underneath it crushes it nicely by the edge of the skin!

light my way ♥

Wednesday, February 15, 2006 ;
7:53 AM
Decided to wake up at 7am, alarm ring was of no use of course, but birds chirping right outside certainly wakes anyone up!! Breakfast was simple western style, sunny side up eggs, scrambled eggs, bacon, sauteed mushrooms(should call it ultra SALTY mushrooms) and VitC drink i think. Had a morning chat with the few guys who could wake up. All asking each other "How's your sleep last night?" Lolx!

International Orientation Day!! Well, not to say that it's very great but it's certainly MUCH better than Monash Malaysia's. We get to choose the programs to attend, located at 6 different theatres in the Manning Clark Hall. We took this opportunity to discriminate, but committed to attend orientation for the whole duration. It was about the public buses for the first slot. A little knowledge gained, and it was finished by the 50% allocation time!! Next up was about part time jobs, hehe. Pretty different, rather than all those irrelevant stuff like history or greetings by who and who, it's about stuff relevant to us. Since most of the programs finish at the half time mark, we stole the chance to enquire for our enrolments, we want more time tml!!

Had met many new friends today. Most of them are malaysians, namely Hazel, Kambing, the Kien siblings. These peeps are on the JPA scholarships. They surprised me, especially when they were the only ones wearing suits walking in the campus!!! Then there are also Hyejun(Korean), Zhaoyu(SzeChuanian), Kim Meng(Msian) and Puyro(Jap)!! And so forgotten a few others again, especially most of the JPA scholars, too many of them everywhere. The Malaysian gang literally took over the Commonwealth Bank to set up their savings account ^ ^''

Sad thing is, during a run to get my e-visa printed, I found out my passport went missing!! Searched it everywhere, the bank, IEO and the Mannings Clark Hall, not anywhere. So I finally asked for ANU's help. The security are searching it for me now ;p
Karen helped along too, she gave me to Malaysian Embassy contact number, if things got to the worst.

Everyone i told this to was shocked! Shocked not because i had lost my passport but because i was still laughing!! Haha!! Panicking wouldn't help, life must still go on, so might as well enjoy losing it :)

Well after a few hours, losing the passport is really a tragic thing. From a functional perspective, the passport is not needed to pay up my room fees, not needed to enrol and only needed to open a savings account. So in the short term, i'm relatively could wait out the long processing time for a replacement. I think things have gone to a worse degree, so better start to call the embassy. The first thing is to pass up my room agreement, been late for two days, then enrol in, should take till lunch or at worst around 2pm. Then I would catch a bus to the embassy, if needed but I guess it's certainly needed. All these could be done by 5 I hope. Until then, I need sleep to reset myself.

Got called up by Naruto at around nine. So with just my reebok shirt and shorts, I walked over on my slippers. And the night is freaking cold!! It is just a 3 minute walk but i was already shivering once i reached his room. We made tml's plan, for me was to hand up my room agreement, do my enrolment then to the embassy. For him, the only difference was that he needs to setup his internet line. All could be done by 5 I hope. The bus services should be efficient here. Hehe. Since Naruto does not have much idea where are everything in his hall, we decided to conduct a self tour. We headed for the admin building first(I think!). Naruto doubted that he could shiver outside so i dared him to walk out. And the way he shivers is just bewildering!! He actually laugh to heat himself up!! We had grabbed a cup of milk earlier, and he was spilling them everywhere. He just couldn't help but to laugh rackously and jump!! Lolx!! Not only that, we suspected that the toilet he was using all along was a girl's toilet, reasoning was that we found a males only toilet(and the doors are pink!! Lolx!!)

I wanted to grab some snack from the Twisties machine to munch but the price is.... AUS$1.60 for a RM1.60 size packet chips. Oh my... guess I'll wait till breakfast tml at 7.45 am :)

light my way ♥

Monday, February 13, 2006 ;
11:28 PM
Be Aware!! Very long entry!!


The flight was terrible. I'm seated at the backrow in the middle of the plane. My backpack is heavy, my hand carry is heavier still and my other hand clutching a plastic bag filled with all the stuff i got too lazy to pack after kena chao by the customs. Haihz. Then it's lots of people, making it EXTREMELY hard to tahan the pain on my fingers. The biggest joke is that once we reached our seat, this eager lady out of nowhere filled our overhead cabin, the WHOLE cabin with her stuff!!! Nevermind, that's not a problem, can always piggyback others. But then, we made the cabin so packed that 2 guys had to force it to close and my laptop bag could fall the moment it opens >.< Back to my seat, not enough space to move my leg at all!! It's like i'm fixed unto my seat and doomed to be mummified for 8 hours. And adding salt to the wound, the flight was delayed, interestingly because of SOME passengers who came onboard with yesterday's boarding pass (What?!) and several people claimed the same seats. Haihz, Mana Ada System ni = =''

But at least there are a few good scores, the movies are quite current, the latest being 2 months ago. The songs, also score the same, 12 of them very current amongst the 200 CD albums (i dun think there were so many when i browsed around). In the end, I only listened to 4 songs, 2 chinese 2 english lolx!! The food are slightly above average, Naruto got tired of me asking for more food hahaha!! Of the beef steak (chicken chop got given out in 10 minutes!!!), prawn salad, french bun and croissant, the best are the prawn salad and croissant. Loved them (only applicable while on a plane) ;p

Bus leaving at 9.00 am.
Plane arrives at 8.40 am.
Both of us actually had our hand carry ready even before the plane landed (Muahahaha!!) but it was bottleneck at the exit!! We had to squeeze our way from Economy Class to Business Class then First Class (Hoho!) to get out. Once inside the terminal, the walkalator became our best friend, we scrammed to 'greet' him anywhere he is, no matter how remote!! Lolx!! Finally we saw some shops and a fork. Left is Customs and Baggage Claim, Right is Customs and Baggage Claim (what the, give u 5 sweat drops). We chose the road less travelled and indeed we reached the Immigration before the other 200 ppl behind us ^ ^

Immigration is SLOW!!! They even had the nerve to provide drinking fountains along the waiting lines. So sad they dun allow camera, if not i would have taken it down!! Around 15 minutes to clear this level, still can if we rush. Trolleys and our luggage are within easy reach. No problems there. Well, for picture shy Naruto, he din budge when we were notified that we might be filmed for a TV program. Now to declare. Naruto had to declare his bacteria, I got my liquor and boat. Oh, the things those people are trying to declare can give you racks of laughter!! Fruits (normal la), medicine, herbs, cabbage(!!!), mushrooms(!!!), tea (the customs lady dunno how to read chinese, so she happily knived her way in), crysanthenum flower (had to call a chinese customs officer to clear the matter, been deliberating it for 10 minutes already) and others too lazy to mention (care to know that wooden bowls must be declared too?) Both of us breezed through the customs. (I believe I heard the guy said: "With more people like you, I would lose my job!" haha!!)

What's the time? 9.10 am. Still can!! GANBATTE!!!!
Sasuke: You know where the bus stop is?
Naruto: Dunno, wanna try going left?

(Answer: Right.)

Haihz... at least this is better than seeing off the bus. So we asked for help at the Traveller's Booking Service.
Nice Lady: "Try catching the GreyHound bus. It leaves slightly later than Murray's."

(War Drum Beat.)


"Roll like a wind, my trolley!"

We were in sight of the bus stop. But no bus at all. Only got one guy going the other way. The same guy who were in front of us just now.

Haihz, he sure must have wanted that bus too. So we lumbered back dejectedly. The next bus leaves at 1.15pm, 4 hours away. Mini The Terminal life. Airport is a supremely boring place. Not to left bored to tears, we made friends with that guy hehe. He is Kim Seong Hoon from Korea!! Nice guy, has decent chivalry and essentially, a person you can hang out with. Although communication is a bit stuttered but it's fine, we still understand each other. He had to use a couple of Korean into his sentences, while we had to simplify our english a little. Works out fine, it's great. And everything went one step better with the arrival of another strander!! Xiu Qi from Malaysia!! She is Naruto's classmate, and she has a transfer flight later at 2 pm, so I asked her to join the stranded gang ;p Now this is where Hoon showed his chivalry, always at every corner, every conversation, he involved our young lady to relieve her boredom! He showed her Korean culture, language and always offered to carry her stuff!! And he never ever did let go of it until the very last moment when we gotta part. He gives me an impression that he likes her hehe.

The scenery to Canberra isn't really spectacular. Brown shrubs, brown cows and brown trees. Heck!! Even the road is brownish!! It's no wonder why the driver wished us a pleasant rest on the best. I had mine. All the way for the three hours. ;p

Kumaran was the guy who picked us up at Jolimont Bay. He looks, wears and sounds Malaysian. I forgot to ask him haihz. But another guy, was from Malaysia, Labuan specifically, and was on the same flight too. Din kena NS lolx!! So off one by one we were sent to our residence. Hoon first at Toad hall, then Naruto at John XXIII College, me at Ursula Hall right beside (there is a designated walkway connecting both halls) and finally Keane at Bruce Hall!

I was just slightly after hours, so no reception at all (Aiks!!) Had to find this Twisties Machine to locate the phone for the phone call. And although the hall is squarish, we can't find it = ='' Good thing 2 residents came by, forgot their name again (I'm bad at remembering names!!), took me up and settled with the staff. I got my key, with god-knows how many 'sorry' and 'thank you' coming from me throughout the scene. My room is D102 (D-1-OR-2). However you wanna see it, it is certainly ironic that my window faces that Twisties machine. Haihz. My senior resident for my D block is Matt. Another nice guy, a little reserved though. He helped me shift my heavy heavy luggage (strong guy ;p), showed me around the hall and literally taught me everything i need to know about living in this hall. And dinner was ready.

BBQ dinner!!! Wao!! Pasta, sausage, bread and who-knows-what are all available. But the tricky thing is, there are no BBQ pits!! Hahahaha!! All are readily cooked, just that instead of eating in the dining hall, the venue is the courtyard instead. 1, 2, 3, 4.... 50 peeps eating. That's a lot. In the round table where i sat, I met Barney(!!), Sam(Gurl), Shinya(Japanese), Anson(HK), Brendon(Aus), David(Student Pres.) and 3 others (Name forgotten again haihz...) There were lots of chatting, like lectures on Hakka, Hokkien, dadada, NASA afraid of spies, wanna learn Japanese, Mathematics Algebroic....(some Maths subject, very long and complicated) and Barney(lolx!!).

I hopped over to John XXIII College later. And found Naruto nodding and smiling at an elderly man non stop(!!!). Anyways, besides that, the food provided at the college is so much more appealing than mine, lots of cereals, lots of salads, and nice fish and chips!! If not because of the new John residents required to wear a tape name tag, i would have taken a share.....

I checked out Naruto's room, slightly bigger than mine but everyhere is brown again!!!! The bed is an exception, it's in drak blue but brown is still overwhelming. His heater, so HUGE (I think it's as tall as smurfie). And right beside within arm's reach from where he is supposed to sit and study. Can't imagine how to tahan. By the way, most halls don't have fan.

Lazed too long at his room, 8pm but it's still bright clear 6.30pm sky out there. I think it's time for me to unpack. It's very very tedious and made me wish to join the peeps down there painting some murals. Oh, did i mentioned that Xiu Qi stays at Ursula Hall too? She joined in the for the last mural. I was only finished when the last mural was complete. Haihz. It's 12pm when i wrote all of this. Could have been 1k words easily. Hehe. It's a whole day orientation tml. Gotta sleep!!

light my way ♥

Tuesday, February 07, 2006 ;
6:31 PM
Thank you for all those fun these past few months. Now I can leave without any hard feelings behind. It feels as much like i'm shifting house hehe.

My accomodation would be at Ursula Hall. That names reminds me of the evil octopus in The Little Mermaid and I'm heading straight into her den!! Ahh!! Hahha! I'll surely miss you. All the times we had are fun and I would never ever forget you. Promise!! ;p

With the internet charges so expensive (7c per MB). I doubt the most I can do would be to only MSN. So no more downloading anime!!! Must bug the Anime Society to download those I want to watch. I bet they would have Bleach keke!!

P.S. : Don't worry, be happy!! Not like it's the end of the world. We can always keep in touch with the wonders of telecommunication. Expect to see me on MSN once I am in my room. Always free to chat ;p

light my way ♥

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