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Saturday, September 30, 2006 ;
2:04 AM
It's been a long time. Just like the weather had turned warmer, I had turn back to another me, more talkative hehe. So what had actually been restraining me these few months? It can't be winter kua >.>

Just a few days ago, a lot of things had happened. I got rid of WoW from my computer forever. Went for those odd 1 hour lectures in the day. Had breakfast almost every other day. Even I'm writing this at 9 in the morning when I'm usually sleeping!

Then I think, there had been chains around me. The law of nature, flow of time, society are some of the chains I dun think anyone can escape from, but I guess I had imposed on me a chain, dunno what that is though, but I'm relieved now. :)

"Words are a double-edged sword. If we tell ourselves that we can do it, we will be able to do it but if we insist that everything is impossible, everything will be impossible. Not only words can affect just ourselves, but the words will affect others in the same way too."

light my way ♥

Wednesday, September 27, 2006 ;
8:30 PM
There are now 2 interested buyers but the buyer that caught my attention was this who offer me a behind-the-scenes buyout at $350. My buyout is $599 though. But that aside, I can't believe someone wanna buy at $350 when other auctions are going for $200 more or less. So I thought it must be one of the main drawpoints of what i can offer. The easiest most quantifiable would be the virtual money 1500g.

I went to this website, www.brogames.com. It offers services to anyone who wanna buy gold through them using real money. So I looked at their prices..... OMG! 1500g is selling for US290 which is AUS385.70! That means he want to earn money through arbitrage! Looking from another view, I'm underpricing my auction! (I think ;p)

Excited at the insanely high prices (RO Malaysia: 1 million is only RM1 and it's freaking hard to get that amount), I looked at the price of 100g, what I can get in a day. US 25.78 = AUS 34.29. Cost: AUS 1.40. Profit = AUS 32.89 a day! Let's say I take total one day in a week, AUS 131.56! That already cover more than what I buy for snacks in a month thrice over! Woohoo! I see money streaming in $.$

Now gotta test the market availability in eBay. Kekekeke


light my way ♥

8:56 AM
I had initially thought of faking as a buyer to pose questions to stir up some going ons at my auction, but then someone else had already posted one! Hahaha, this is good. No need to be so mafan keke. A crowd pulls a crowd. Normal restaurant technique. Hope this first guy can start a whirlwind for me :)

light my way ♥

Monday, September 25, 2006 ;
5:00 PM
Clamp's work really brought new meaning to anime. In their work lies lots of meaningful truth about a person's life! I'm watching their Tsubasa Chronicle and now xxxHolic, both of it really made me think about life in itself.

These are the best ones I like the most:
"There is no such thing as coincidence. Everything is inevitable."

"Every incident that passes through in life has meaning."

"No matter how trivial a meeting and things that follow may seem, a knot that cannot be unraveled has been made."


"A person can wish for anything they want. Both happiness and hardship alike. Even if what they wish for does not have good outcomes, people have the freedom to choose. And nothing can interfere with that freedom."

light my way ♥

Sunday, September 24, 2006 ;
7:16 PM
Yeahaha... just listed an item to sell at eBay! Start bid $299 buyout $599! Hope someone wanna buy.. oh please buy ^^

light my way ♥

Saturday, September 23, 2006 ;
7:04 PM
Wah.. today very sueh le. At around midnight, some three idiots from dunno where go throw eggs at my window! This is not the first time it happen in my hall though.. but still why me la.. i din do anything also. And they are cleary NOT DRUNK people, since they still can run away so fast! 2 eggs... but both kena the wall beside my window -their aiming so chah- but then my mosquito net also kena abit. What's the most peculiar thing is that, at both occasion this happen to the hall, Zhong is in that room! The harbringer of sueh ar? >.>

Then as if that incident is not enuf.. my ceiling light gave up on me! Pop and it's no more useful. Good thing happen in the afternoon (dun ask me why i left the light switched on..). So now le.. can only rely on the desk lamp so brighten my room a bit. So from a yellow shadowed room become into bright white, like hospital liddat. Eeee, deaths always happen at hospital.. and somemore i watched like 3 horror movies in 5 days... not good not good >.<

light my way ♥

Friday, September 22, 2006 ;
11:58 AM
I had an entry typed out... but then my adaptor decided to hang my computer! Although it's not like those normal hang where nothing can be done, it's a somesort of a freeze where all my resources got taken out.

Anyway... how come my chatterbox account got deleted wan....

Besides that, i watched emily rose again. Not as scary this time, maybe cos got light in the room or maybe i knew what is going to happen already. I discovered something new in the movie. I thought the whole point of the movie was to tell us the existence of another realm. I din expect that the director also addresses an issue about society, about conformity, believing only what is known to it and cast out and condemn everything else unknown. How come i din notice before, other than the lawyer is real shit guy.

light my way ♥

Tuesday, September 05, 2006 ;
8:32 AM
Since the holidays are here, I decided to try something new, cooking rice! But what I'm actually aiming for is Bi Bim Bab rice! They taste really wonderful in those times I ordered them from the Korean shops, so I might as well try to make them in my room. So with the sauce and the short grain rice bought, i start..

Apparently it seems easier to wash these kind of rice than those i'm used to back home. 3 times of washing is enough but i spend like 5 times the last time. Maybe I'm more skilled liao haha! I understood the rice for bi bim bab is a bit wet, something like sushi rice. So instead of a cup of water for a cup of rice, i added slightly more water.

Then start cooking... all seems well until the bubbles got filled up to the rim! So i had to open the lid up when that happens in case the lid gets blown off! Dunno it will or not but if it happens, i'm too lazy to do anything other than vaccuum my room lolx! Bet it wouldn't be enough >.< .. Then the 'ingenious' thought, why not I leave the a very small opening instead. Ahhh.. no more oveflowing bubbles but the water gets dried up so fast!! So I added more la.. of cos hot water.. so the final result is...

Somewhere between porridge and rice lolx! Surprisingly sticky.. haihz. At least I din burn them on my first try!! Good job!! So I poured over some Bi Bim Bab sauce for some supper... and it turned out that it's 10 times hotter than the shop's bi bim bab!! Wa liao!! I called over Barney to make sure but he also said so hahahaha!! Seems like I can no longer pour the sauce like crazy as i used to in the shops =/

Next day, round 2... this time i remind myself to not bother adding water... and one thing extra!! Using miso soup as the water instead!! Wa hehe, i learnt this from iron chef.. wonder how it will taste like keke.

I cooked twice as much this time, since I'm quite hungry. While waiting for it to cook, i finally looked at the recommended recipe behind the rice package (^^)'
They say, "add binegar,sugar and salt into the rice". Wa liao, i dun have these stuff le... nevermind. The rice came out reasonably alike the shop rice, and it had taste(!) rather than bland rice (bleh). Then in the corner of my eye, I found vinegar!! Apple cider vinegar hahaha!! Dunno why i just poured in without thinking XD

And the vinegar covered the bi bim bab spiciness, now no longer so spicy liao.. but still got the taste!! So woohoo!! Nice job done, the next few runs to finetune it then it's ready for serving :)

Wish me luck ;p

light my way ♥

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