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Monday, June 26, 2006 ;
11:01 AM
Wooot!! Exams are finally done!! And everyone starts to trickle out of the Hall for home in waves >.>

For my first Australian U set exam, I think i did pretty OK. Looks like the questions they could give, are more or less asked before for the past few years. So the questions are not foreign at all.

Myabe with the exception of one Q in Management Accounting, the concept of responsibility centre. I did not touch that on revision, and so does many others, and haihz, 12 marks gone, which would put me out of the HD bracket if I lose another 10 marks in the question.. should be expected lor ~ But then I would still get D if I lost up to 20 marks, that's a comfortable cushion ;p

So holidays liao, it's time to clean up the mess done during the exam period and buy supplies!! I went to Dickson, a place with at least more Chinese food stuff, but it's rather far to walk. But just a 15 mins bus ride from the Civic Bus interchange. Walking there takes 20 mins lo, good exercise keke. The supplies are 5 packets of soba >.>

And then yesterday night... no... this early morning, had hot pot till like 4. Normal stuff lo, vege, glass noodles and lamb meat. But what is terrifying is this. After we ate finish, we let the soup to rest cos we are caught up with football and anime, just introed a new one to a hallmate. So when we finally turned out attention to wash, the soup turned into solid fat.... >.<

light my way ♥

Saturday, June 17, 2006 ;
10:59 PM
Wa wa!! Happy!! Really din expect this!!

From my Dynamics of Asian Business lecturer, Pierre Van der Eng:

Dear Jay Shen,

My apologies for the delay in my reply to your email.

There is always room for improvement, as you say, but very little in
your case. As I mentioned at the end of the tutorial, you did a
marvellous job. You may have stammered, but that is not so important
when you have something to say. And you had. You captured a difficult
topic very well by structuring what you had to say in a clear manner,
and by keeping the presentation short and sharp. Hence, you captured the
attention of most, if not all students.

The students in the tute group understood that you were on a roll, and
gave you on average 8.4 (out of 10), which is the best mark for a tute
presentation in the course this semester. Well done!

Good luck with your exams!

Best regards,
Pierre van der Eng

light my way ♥

Tuesday, June 13, 2006 ;
12:56 AM
Fuk la!!! Japan should have won!!! I dun care!!! They are so much more stronger this time, fuk this debut luck!!! What the shit la!!@#@! 453456345

light my way ♥

Thursday, June 01, 2006 ;
3:17 PM
Now all class obligations are finally done!! The last presentation for this whole semester, had finally been completed. Well, the whole preparation was kinda last minute, I've only started preparing for it two days ago. The issue was:

Will Asian business groups disintegrate and disappear now that changes in government regulation and the operation of capital markets since the 1997-98 crisis increasingly force firms to change their corporate governance practises?

Pretty heavy, since gotta talk about what is happening in all the major asian countries!! I prepared right through two whole days, Tuesday and Wednesday, skipping my lectures along the way :/ Finally completed it at 2 am on Thursday, cos I just caught up to watch Russel Peter's comedy (damn funny!). And then before I go out to present, I can feel my heartbeat pounding real loud!! Right in the middle of my chest, then I'm very sure that I stammer a lot while presenting. But surprisingly, after doing it, everyone said I presented very well!! First time this happened in my class, *!HapPy!* ^ ^

light my way ♥

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