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Thursday, December 29, 2005 ;
6:01 PM
Malaysia semua babi,
Our government is so lousy,
Make the college become no quality,
Chinese and Indian pun tak boleh masuk university.
They never gave a choice for me,
Because no money cannot study overseas,
So I always feel so pity.

Every college is greedy,
Sini sana all need money,
When pocket kosong our perut noisy,
I am poor because they suck my money.

Exam questions full of difficulty,
It has one reason only,
Which is to earn more money,
Because we retake money masuk lagi.

The staffs always so aksi,
They did wrong never say sorry,
Before asking please show your money,
Otherwise they won't be happy,
We pay their salary still make us angry.
That's why I wanna study hard to earn more and more money

Tiap-tiap hari feel so lazy,
Never try to wake up early,
Always hope college sekarang cuti,
Everyday go class feel sleepy,
Lecturer always scold me lazy.
Do assignment just like to copy,
Before the finals just feel worry,
Every night study until crazy,
Because scared got scolded by mummy.

Why my class always none pretty,
Those elephants always show me how she's sexy,
The monsters wanna treat me nicely,
Like that I better mati.

My looks are **** ugly,
Saya mari girl girl lari,
Everyday date them they sure say busy,
Semua orang tak ada hati,
Make me always so lonely,
Only can watch porno movie.

CS always let people bully,
Maybe I am really so lousy,
Although knife people is so happy,
But I am always unlucky,
Kena headshot easily,
After mati still mati.

light my way ♥

Wednesday, December 28, 2005 ;
8:18 PM
Hehe... Shogun of Sasake restaurants just open in 1U. Jap food galore ^ ^

My eldest sis ;p
Good thing she doesn't shop so much if not i die haha!!

The only two dish that has outstanding quality in the buffet dinner. And they always got snapped up in 30 secs!!! Cheong ar!!

Oh... it's Ginseng Quail. I think once ppl saw the word "Ginseng" they go take d haha!! I had 6 bowls of it :0

Hehe... RAW STUFF tastes wonderful!!

Boiled snail @@''

light my way ♥

Thursday, December 22, 2005 ;
5:56 PM
I dunno if any of you had heard of this guy from Melaka, i call him Wong Sifu. Well, he is those type of doctors in those chinese medical shop that checks our health through our pulses. Anyway, just a note on how good he is. It was my sis first time seeing him, sort of tag along with the rest of the family to his house for some checkup. After some silent moments, he pin pointed that my sis had some syndrome, although he explained it through his own terms and the effects of it, in western terms it is polyovarial something syndrome, very complicated name for some complicated problem. Well, i can see my sis eyes gets larger everytime he spoke, as if it all hits the point. We later got to know from her about her recent medical checkup also rooted out this syndrome. But this guy knew about it just through checking her pulses, wow!

Anyway, mine is not a matter of health from the way he put it. And i'm pretty sure that i would not be what he said i would because that is the kind of people i despise. Even my sis kinda disbelieve it too. He said, i have a smaller adam's apple under the original one. Ok, this is easily acceptable considering it can be seen by the eye. Then came this,

Wong: "Those who marry this guy will be very cham."
Me: "Huh?" (Of all things to say = =''
Wong: "You got those 'Dai Nam Yan Zhu Yi'. The girl wun have freedom at all!"
Me: "I dun think that i'm such a person. I rarely make my own decisions."
Wong: (To my parents) "Not that she would have hardship but he loves his wife very much..."
Sis: "Until become possessive la"
Me: "Err... but i hate possesive guys le.."

Nevermind... i dun care liao. I'm definately against those guys who mistreats his partner and not allow her freedom!!

light my way ♥

Sunday, December 18, 2005 ;
12:34 AM
On the third day of Christmas,
My waiter sent to me...
One chicken pie, two biscotti,
and my favourite cafe latte.

Hehe, Merry Early Christmas ^ ^''

light my way ♥

Friday, December 02, 2005 ;
11:17 PM
I had always thought that 64 bit and PCI Express stuff will be out of my reach for another two years. But recently i looked at the price listings for PC parts, they are getting very cheap!! Ok.. still a tad expensive.. but it's getting very close to affordable for my kind of budget. Just for fun, i mix for my next computer, and the price comes up at around 1.5k, pretty cheap when taking into account that these can last for 4-5 years. But sad... no money to go PC fair... >.<

light my way ♥

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