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Monday, November 29, 2004 ;
10:56 PM
Then came along Ragnarok Online. I had tried Priston Tale previously but the leveling period is too repetitious and boring, I spent like 7 hours to get a level ! That is ridiculous for low levels. Well, I guess Im a bit crazy cos i went to download the whole iRO Client on a 56k. It took me about 3-4 days to get those 550+ MB. The gameplay is nice, characters are cute but the best of all, it has lots of numbers ^ ^. I decided on a AGI/LUK Knight so i proceeded to start the adventure usng Rejax, the Swordsman. It was hard leveling during the novice period but everything got a lot easier once i changed into a Swordie. During these times, I met some friends and since I was pretending to be a girl (;p), i actually chatted with the other girl characters for almost 2 hours, lolx. I then started to go to another map, to try better places and Bash is surely good to kill quickly. I got up to level 21 and tried to help my friend to level up. But...2 weeks later, it went p2p. I dun have a credit card, so it's bye bye...
I was thoroughly excited when RO came to Msia. I finally could begin playing again. So I called on all my friends and the 6 of us started, each of us playing the type of classes we always chose when playing RPG : Swordie, Mage and Thief. I of course chose my AGI/LUK build again. It was fun leveling again, we could dare to ponteng our classes to play. I was prefect then somemore -.-''. It was episode 2 when i played in iRO and it was episode 3 in mRO. Not long after, when i was about level 40+, mRO updated to episode 4. Then a sad thing happens, AGI/LUK will not work as beautifully as before. Since it was still early, i can switch to AGI/STR immediately. But then it will take time before im good. So until then, it's leveling.
I reached level 70. I persuaded Jun to join me hehe, and she went to summon all her friends to play too. But she le, needs me to register for her. (This is the time i got lots of your details Jun hehe) Newaz, more people = more fun. All of us usually meet and partied up to try new maps and monsters. But surprisingly all of us always ends up at Toy factory, maybe we miss toys too much ;p.

Level 73, and it is p2p time. I payed this time but it took quite a lot of my allowance. Then at this same moment, i decided to stop playing Rejax. I cannot see any future in him, well, he may be good doing solo but what is more important is that you should dish out the best of the character. Knights are honorable and they protect the people. Agi class characters cannot protect in guild war so sadly, it's over for him.
Yeah, broadband arrived. So with a better line I started to play an acolyte, to make it ready to become a Monk when episode 5 comes. Again it isn't easy. Lag spikes happens a lot and i think my acolyte had fallen prey to it a lot of times ! Thanks to Kelvyn and Jasper, they leveled me up to level 40+. But then, i could no longer handle the lag, so i continued to play my merchant slave, Business.
Business is the character i am proud of. Good at attack and defense but more importantly is this $.$. Over the time from lowly levels till 75+, I had accumulated over $20m of stuff and money. I had also at this time found out a secret way to upgrade items much more easily as before, so i decided to go the path of $$ by selling highly upgraded items that are always in demand. Some friends with similarly high level characters had stopped so they gave me their stuff. So add them up, it's almost $50m and it was a lot of money then, discounting those crazy money makers who bots all day and night. As it goes on, I had lost interest in RO because there is nothing left to crunch on. So i stopped and gave everything to Jun. She must have felt heavenly when she got all those stuff ;p

light my way ♥

10:53 PM
It all happens years ago when the general public starts to catch up on the Internet. My sister's boyfriend was over at my house, and he showed me the first online game, Utopia.
It is set in medieval times where Wizards and Dragons exists. Altogether 8 races live side by side: Humans, Undead, Faery, Elves, Halflings, Orc, Avian and Dwarves. Each race has its own strengths and weaknesses. Humans earn money, Undead loves destruction, Faeries are magical, Elves noble, Halfings nimble, Orcs powerful, Avian flying brids and Dwarves creative. Magical spells and Thief actions are often classified to certain races, so does war strategy. It is a game of brains. You control over a province in a Kingdom. Administer its economy and military. Vote for a monarch to rule and grow. Wage war with anyone if you need to grow further or join alliances to join in a server-wide war.
Fantastic spells and cool thief actions. This game is really exciting. I was hooked to it for the better part of my first 4 years online. The most fantastic time I had was playing the province of City of Esthetika. I was a Halfling, well, not because I idol Frodo but their resilence and potential to be stealthy attracts me. I can go around spying or cause some sabotage out of sight. Choup, this game has 2 ways to value your province, networth and honor. I strive for honor and everytime I do for the king and country, I get honor. I finally reached to be a Baron before the server resets and that is a great achievement, considering the best out there are only a rank or two higher.
However, slowly i can't afford to pay the internet rates so I gradually stopped playing.

light my way ♥

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