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Sunday, August 31, 2008 ;
6:56 PM
Learning Korean brings back lots of memories. Especially when the teacher teaches words that relates to those wonderful memories I had in my uni days.

There's that Solji's birthday party where all she ever said was otoke lol! There is also one memory with Han during City2Surf when she taught me what yeppuda means! And also that time with Eun Hae where she said sorry to that malaysian driver after she knocked the door into his car lol! Damn, it's getting fun!

light my way ♥

Tuesday, August 26, 2008 ;
8:13 PM
'One day, a man much more mature than I am should take care of her.'
'One day, he will find a cheerful girl much more suited than I am.'

But until that day comes...

Shall we dance?

Waaa >.<

light my way ♥

Saturday, August 23, 2008 ;
12:35 AM
Just been to another of that preacher's session. This time, he was talking about the second coming. He talked mostly of the Chapter of Daniel, and it got interesting once I found the number, 2300 years. Now who was it that kept saying it would be 2000 years. Hmm.. must be the Y2K people.

Based on another fulfilled prophecy of Jesus' baptism, the Judgment Day would be the year of 1844. And that's where time ran out. So... what happened in the year 1844?

I looked at Wikipedia, and found out that lots of Christians understood that the second coming would be then, only to be severely disappointed cos it did not happen. The funny thing is that, the pastor who preached that kept pushing the date forward. That sounds desperate lol!

Then YMCA was formed in that year! Did not know that it's actually a Christian association oO

That year was also when telegram was first tested and used. The first sentence was, "What hath God wraught!" We should bring that guy to this age, then he might say "What the Devil!" when he sees the internet = ='

So I thought I might as well google about the second coming. Then lo and behold, lots of dates popped up! Some said year 2034. Do not know why. Some said 2012 cos that is when the Mayan calender ends. Then a duo said it would be at 2014/15 cos in that year, four lunar eclipses happens on the Jew's holy days. It could only happen once in a few hundred years, and using some verses from Isa and some historical evidence (previous such occurence happened when Isreal and its capital was founded), they declared it should be then.

But what I found most interesting is the Age of Aquarius, which we are entering into now. It would being about spiritual awakening and lots of other advancements and new morals and freedom. An astrologist believes, on his calculations, that it started in the year 1844, although no one knows for certain except to guess from visible signs.

Then another person, psychic I think, said that it would be on the year 2075. Don;t know why it would be that year. Anyway, drawing on those verses where man would not know when it arrives, no matter how they seek or open their eyes, because it happens in the inner. That Jesus would not come as how we would recognize him, like how the people back then did not recognize that Jesus was the Messiah, and he would change the way people grow spiritually. You can read the whole thing if you google "Seth Speaks" by Jane Roberts, and I tend to agree with it mostly.

But anyway, the session which I attended today seemed to be filled up with more zealots than before. It always feels scary when there are people who are so fervent about things. All that matters to them is that they recognize that Jesus was their lamb, is their priest and will be their king. I bet that subconsciously is that they want to be rid of their sins and without a doubt eternal life. How else can I explain that they actually have a session of how to postpone your death by 7 years?

I can't stand people who want to get rid of their sins but they still continue to create sins. Do they even know what of the sins they have, other than they know that they have sinned?Do they do as was taught by their saviour? When I look at what is going on around me, I think they are more inclined to do it only in their own terms. The worse ones are those who claim to be a Christian but do nothing, only just for the benefits, if they are given at all.

I say, if you want something, work for it.

light my way ♥

Wednesday, August 20, 2008 ;
9:20 PM
I knew it would come sooner or later. I knew it the moment when he threw aside the 4 pictures of the Pope, Obama, Dalai Lama and Al Gore into the back recesses and talk all about the Bible. I knew when he kept reiterating that he himself was a non-believer 12 years ago countless times. I knew it when he kept mentioning 'even secular people like xxx...', 'even secular sources...' ,'even scholars...' and many other secular here and there. And I knew, when he begins and end with a prayer.

He seeks to convert non-believers into Christianity.

Today, he gave out a card, asking the audience to tick if they believe Jesus is their saviour, that they want to be baptised, that they want to join a Bible study group. Hoping that after telling us of how Daniel got leveled up in chapter 9, of what Jesus said in Matthew chapter 23 and of what history showed us. He trusted that we would be shocked and awed by the accuracies and the fulfilled prophecies, even telling us the odds in fulfilling one of them at that time.

Sigh, this preacher must have spent lots of stats into Charisma to be more persuasive than many other preachers I had seen so far. Good for him, now he can buy items from shops more cheaply now.

light my way ♥

Tuesday, August 19, 2008 ;
9:40 PM
I just watched finish the debate sponsored by SMH just today. And something struck me, I remembered that that preacher said that most such debates, it is always about science vs science backed religious arguments. An interesting thing is that the govt who supports that the world would be better without religion actually used some materials from the bible. Mostly to highlight the negatives of God.

My opinion is this, we should not actually debate whether religion should be done with or not. In fact, it should be there because as all books are, they teach. The problem comes when people become extremists, those who hold that their book is the ultimate truth and should be followed zealously. Like how their nation should be, how their laws should be and all those things which we can pick up from news so often.

How can we enjoy the beauty of creation, or God, has given us if all we ever do is to live life to the book. To live like how it was millenniums ago. Would we be able to appreciate space, the wonderful colours of supernovas, stars, suns if all we ever do is to read the holy books all day and all night? The book doesn't teach how to appreciate living beings, doesn't teach that we can cure diseases, doesn't teach that there are more than this Earth (materially speaking). We need science for that. So that we can be at awe that our human body and by extension all things in this universe follow the proportions outlined in the Vitruvian Man. So that we can cure stupid illnesses like flu so that we are healthy again. Or that we would be shocked to know that the universe is so much bigger than our eyes can absorb. It is because of scientific advancements that we can appreciate God more.

I often feel sad for those zealots. An audience spoke during the audience session time. I do not remember the whole thing of what he said, but the gist is that ' He is glad that there is God. Because without him there wouldn't be Jesus to carry his sins. And that the sins he bear are too much for him to carry alone. And that Jesus died on that cross so that he would be relieved of his sins and to bring him eternal life.' And damn, he said it with a serious convistion and faith. The kind of tone that he wouldn't let any other views to change that.

From my own minute readings of the Bible, I come to one conclusion that the reason that the Old Testament was there before the New Testament, it not entirely because that they came first, but it shows to chronicles of how human come out of its hole to learn more about things. If God have all the knowledge and morality in the universe, he would have given the ten commandments to Adam and Eve or anytime then in the beginning of time. But why would he only give to humans after the ostracities that happened in Egypt? It is because people have to learn through experiences of what is wrong and what is right before they can gain that knowledge and morality. If we do not know that stealing is an action where it deprives another person of their possibly hard-earned efforts, how can we be told that it is wrong? If we do not know that the extensive lawlessness and evil in Israel, how would we know that our sins are becoming too great to carry? In extension, we are all learning along the way, up until now. So to those who live by the book, please do not be comsumed by it. Even people who are living during Jesus' time, who were reading the old Testaments and living it like crazy, still accepted a new teacher, more knowledge through Jesus.

Finally, how I view sin is like this. For example, I killed a father. The wife would grieve, the children would mourn. The sons would direct his feelings to seek revenge, the wife would scream for justice. Sin is created. How? Because of those negative feelings that are generated by them, and all of them are directed to me. I am now bearing the sin(feelings) of my actions. The only way to pay what I have taken is the equal amount, my life. So to be relieved of that, I must be killed. On a side note, Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice by getting killed, because nothing else is worse than that (Don't say slow torture please = ='). So if the son kill me, my wife and children would grieve and mourn. And the wife would scream for justice and the son would direct his feelings to seek revenge. And the cycle of sin continues....

The only way we do not generate sin is to not do things that causes people to direct negative feelings to you. If many people hate you, ah, your sin is becoming heavier (ala Herod). And the way to relieve sins are to, obviously, generate good feelings from other people. This may sound stupid for some, but if you are willing to clear off all pre-judgments and prejudices, why do sentences such as these appear in all those many holy books: "Do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto you", "Love yourself, love your neightbours and love your enemies". Which simply means that do not do things to other people if you would make them feel unhappy, and treat all and even your enemies as good as yourself. Simplifying further, making people unhappy creates sin, loving people relieves sin and simultaneously, in the context of not seeking revenge, you would not generate sins for yourself.

Jesus said if you do those, together with loving God, you will have eternal life (for the sake of it, Luke 10:27). But the impression I get from that guy, and many many Christians I'd seen and heard, have the view that it is because that Jesus died on the Cross that we may have eternal life. PLEASE! He did that to teach you people, not to bring you to Heaven and eternal life. And while I'm on this, since feelings are so powerful, with that kind of notion that Jesus would bear your sins and you trusts him totally on that, and you continue to sin, you are actually directing your sins to him, which he needs to bear. AGAIN, PLEASE! Give that poor guy Jesus a break. Deal with your own sins and get your 'eternal life' on your own. I doubt if you do wonder what eternal life basically means or not >.>

light my way ♥

Monday, August 18, 2008 ;
3:30 PM
Woah! Gossip ar!

My recent trip back down to Canberra was good. Although initially I expected to have a good relaxation time, far away from the hectic Sydney but most of all away from my computer(!), i did not have much time to relax at all ><

Going to 2 balls in a day can be really tiresome, gotta spend so much time to prepare, then going back late. My sleeping times have never been later than midnight ever since I came to Sydney! Now everything became kika suku, meaning hay-wired, and I'm struck down with headache and cough and any common illness combined =/

But that doesn't mean I did not enjoy it! It's like living my uni life again. The joys of poking fun at people, to tease, and also basically become a bastard haha! I have to thank the 2 main actors and the actress for their wonderful performance. It's like watching another pandora box being opened, and with it the dramas and life.

Damn, missed my moments last year. ;p

light my way ♥

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