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Monday, November 27, 2006 ;
5:18 AM
Haihz, finally the internet rebellion saga is over. I'm without internet at home for the past 3 days, dunno what happened. And the helpline is also like in Malaysia, offering solutions like restarting the modem and isolation test, then finally asking the fixed line monopoly to check. Maybe it's the onlyy way but maybe they can improve by listing out to their customers the possible solutions they are going to employ, like an overview rather than us waiting in the dark, desperate for internet lolx!

light my way ♥

Wednesday, November 22, 2006 ;
3:59 PM
Meltiiiiiiing!! Iiii'mmmm meellttiiiiinnnnggggg!!! >.<

light my way ♥

Tuesday, November 21, 2006 ;
5:43 PM
I just love it when that dota sound 'Ownage' comes to play whenever i finish some game level!! ;p

I went around selected parts of Sydney to find some job. I found out that I'm quite selective today, only going for those Chinese shops to ask. Hahaha, talk about racism. Not only that, I'm trying to aim for those jobs that i can learn something from. Haihz, dunno la = ='

I tried a few shops today, and wa liao, Easy Way literally have shops everywhere! I really zha dou when there are 2 of them opposite each other just across a street. Almost all of them got that recruitment post, which is good, while those that dun have, also accept my application. Keke. Looking forward to make some Bubble Tea professionally by my own in the future ;p

Another job I had always wanted to try out is as a cybercafe host! I tried 2 today, one of them has other chains in sydney, City Hunter and another, chinese one. That chinese cybercafe rejected me!! They say cos I'm not old enough. Aiyoh, I'm not old enough for what wor, I'm already legal enough to go into those Club X kind of shops adi, haihz. The City Hunter wan, although din ask for part-time ppl, accepts my application. Let's see how it goes, hehe. If i get it, Woot, imagine all the research I can do for my game!

There are others, but either kena rejected or that I need a resume. First on the list is a comic bookshop ahhaha, I doubted my chances big time, not only are they not looking for one, they would be very wary of any other people thinking that they might come and steal comic. So as expected la. Next is a pizza shop! Quite small though, but they are looking for people who can work there for quite a long time, still i gave my contact to them, it would be very good if I get it, I would have some chance to learn how to make pizza! Then it's Subway, this one got chance, just that I need a resume first. I had also just completed some test for Coles group, hope I get a job reply soon! And I'm still waiting for Auran to reply me, it's been 2 weeks already! All the replies I get from them is that it's still pending, haihz.

Nonetheless, tomorrow I'll be walking the whole of George Street, armed with a standard resume. I guess my pickiness would still continue, haihz, still cannot learn my lesson yet.

You do not choose your destiny, it chooses you.

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Monday, November 20, 2006 ;
5:58 PM
Wa lao eh?! I lost weight again? Just a month ago I was at 63.8kg, and now I'm at 59kg! But I had juz eaten a dozen prawns! What happened lolx!

It is not absolute truth that you seek, but the truth that applies.

light my way ♥

Sunday, November 19, 2006 ;
4:23 PM
Woot! Now i'd done finish packing! Total stuff: 1 Large box, 5 normal boxes, speaker box, 1 luggage bag, 1 small luggage bag, 1 back bag and laundry basket filled with more stuff! Lolx! That is like... 11 boxes! Wa liao.. I din expect to have so many things! And I'm trying to stuff every consumable into my stomach now! XD

So tomorrow I shall leave Ursula Hall for the year, and they greeted my farewell with what I like best! Seafood! Semi-fresh prawns for lunch! All you can eat! Hahaha! Now i had eaten back all those missed breakfasts and lunches! Keke ;p

What you eat determines what you are.

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Friday, November 17, 2006 ;
6:30 PM
The random era beckons...

1) I actually burned 50 CDs in 5 days!! Hahaha, now I need to go out and buy another stack, I still got at least 3 more movies and 2 more series to burn! Plz plz there are still cheap CDs for sale >.<

2) I finally found a computer game that I can't play! As in not because my computer is not good enough but I can't take it. Too long of it then I might puke =/
Further study is required ~

3) Finally, my game designing hobby has broken another milestone. Continuing the second part from the first series, it will be much more dramatic. Based from Sid Meier's philosophy of 1/3, it's now about 45% complete. Progress has been stimulating ;p

4) When people sing when they bath, I let my imagination soar instead. No no, not that kind lolx!

5) Rubbish is strewn everywhere in my room, and I'm too lazy to clean them up! 3 more days.. la la la..

6) IT ACTUALLY SNOWED IN CANBERRA!! For a brief 15 minutes!! And worst than that, I missed it because I am indoors for exam! Now I have a new reason to hate exams lolx!

7) The earth is dying... everything going haywire.. I knew this since it hailed in KL!

8) I need a new computer, with MORE space! >.<

A sense of curiosity is nature's original school of education.

light my way ♥

Wednesday, November 15, 2006 ;
5:46 PM
Packing done nice and easy. I got one large box, 3 normal sized boxes, 1 for speaker and another for rice cooker. So that is like, 5 boxes, excluding my clothes. I think that amount accounts for an average guy i guess. Books and notes will always take up one box. I din know I got so many course related stuff in my room! It was always only 1 shelf this year. hmmm haha!

And I had always knew that trucks are manual!! If not how to drift?! Ok la lolx! Not drifting but really, I can't imagine an auto truck. It's kinda dangerous if it's auto, how to gear brake le. But then I know it's not nice driving a truck, looks like I gotta lift, as in really lift my leg to press brake. Not certainly used to that, I had always just leaned my leg over to the brake pedal. So no truck driving for me!!

Last note, the award goes to Khuang for having the most boxes to store! 22 in total!!! Wa lao eh, really dunno what she put inside. I thought 15 from Thomas already hit the limit, dim chi.. haihz. I won't be aiming for that award kakaka.

Aiya, tomorrow is microecons. Last paper. Afternoon. Faster finish la... ><

light my way ♥

Monday, November 13, 2006 ;
4:30 PM
1) Xiu Qi, why la give me instant soup? Now I got more things to finish, not that I'm complaining hehe.

2) I'm starting on designing my second MMORPG already, the basic idea already been put out. It would be almost completely player-based. But the first game must be successful to gain enough reputation to launch this 2nd one.

3) My left ear got something wrong la. Like there got something blocking my hearing. Mei Sim say it's 'yit hei' la. Hmm, going to see doctor tomorrow.

4) Storage ar... on the 14th. And i only got 1 box packed only! How la.. no more time already =/

5) 5 subjects so sien le... now i kinda understand why uni dun want ppl to take 5 subjects, it kinda muddles with our brain capacity. Before uni we got 1 year to study a subject, now we only got 4 months, beh intensive le.

6) Actually wanna blog about my cooking milestones wan, but dunno how come turn out to be like this lolx!

light my way ♥

Wednesday, November 08, 2006 ;
6:38 PM
*Before you read this post, please be advise that this is just an attempt by me to write down what is going through in my head in words. By no means this post is directed at anyone or anything. No double check for offensive materials are done. Haihz, sounding like a disclaimer. Well it is but I hope what is in the post stays in this post. Thanx*

I was wondering, what if one day, I'll have no one to talk to ever. How would I become? Cos I dunno why, these few days, I think I find myself searching for someone to talk to. Now I want to know how they are doing, know their problems, be there for them those kind of things. I asked, gossiped and teased people now. Through this I know that cl is finally doing what he wants, ps and yh got a new computer and really relishing them, pan, although i can't catch him for long, can sense he is doing a lot better now, heck, i even know how is yk's business going! What is happening? Why am I so curious to know what is going on? I dun even know what is going on unless someone tells me. Last time, all I ever did with my friends is to go and do something together with them. Like those times when I'm with cl, yh, ps, pan, I'm just there observing them. I dun have a topic to say at all. Just watch, suck in everything I see. And once I open my mouth, it's just only to ask them what are going to do next. Then those times when I go out, especially with gurls, worse still. Let's say that the plan is to go to Pyramid, watch a movie and eat lunch. So it was, Hi when we met, let's go buy the tickets. Then, what you wanna watch? I think watch this this or that that is good cox got who who act and someone someone direct. After we bought the tickets, so let's go eat somewhere, what do you want? I haven try this this, or I know that that is good. Sum it up, 99% of what I said are about what to do next. Not even once I tried, not try but willing to know more about that person.

When i was like that back then, I dun think I was appreciative of any relationship. It's like I'm treating them like, ok, you are there, hi haha bye. I was always such. Then why now am i suddenly thinking about all these? Was I not bothered at all? Why the change? Not to say that it is bad but really, why now? Why can't I change earlier? How was I back then? I still remember in primary school, I know my friends good enough to be able to be 100% sure of what they would do, how they will react, where they will go and all those shit. How come I lost it? What caused me to change from then?

I can still remember very clearly what I had always thought of myself. I do not need anyone in my life, I can live on without them. I will solve my own problems, I do not need help. I will find my own outlet, my own entertainment. I will do what I want, what I can. I will learn everything, I will be prepared for anything. I will face the problem, analyse it, think out solutions and predict what would happen. And I got through them nicely. So why do I need other people when I can do all these by myself? I can solve my own mysteries, why do I need to talk about it?

So my mind was a complete blank, in balance. So for that blank, I just input everything i see, i hear, i feel, i understand. So there is it, just observing. Even if I had the need to talk to someone, it's cos I ran out of ideas and need some help to continue on. So then, what is happening to me now?

I'm so fucking kepo on how Barney's relationship is going. I actually insisted that I want to know every head and tail. I even want to know what kind of presents he is giving, comment on them until the cows come home, want to know everything basically. I did not ever asked such things from yh. Oh, yh, still together ar? Good lo. Eh? Breakup ar? Why? Aiya, not really interested but let's go sing K relax a bit. See the difference? It's like from end of the spectrum to the other end of it!

Then there's more, I admit it, I had not made a single call to anyone ever since I came to Canberra. Excluding that I have to 'report' every week to my sister, No, I did not even bother to call any other person on my own will. Wth. How come? Why I dun have that urge? Then how come liddat now? Before this, I did not ever have the guts, yes really, no courage, call me weak whatever I dun care, I dun dare to phone a girl. How come? Why like that? This week, I did not think twice, heck I dun think I did actually think, I just bought an IDD card straight out. $10 no more stock? Nvm, just get the $20 one. I just want to call. I know that I'm not buying a neccesity, so I'm forking this money out of my own pocket. My wallet have no money for goodness sake! None! Nai! Nothing! I usually simulate properly in my brain every action I'm going to take. I would have checked whether I'm able to afford anything, and that the benefit must outweigh the cost. But this time, no, I did not do that. My simulation is functioning at -100%! Cos even the thought of it did not come into my mind! So, what is happening?

More than that, I think I know more about my 2 ex just from the past few days than all my life with them. How fucking sad can that go? What the shit I was doing then? What I was thinking when I with them? For what reason, seriously, was it because I like them? When I say I like them does it mean that I know them well to say that? Shit, fucking idiot. How could I be such a bastard? I can't believe it, what happened to those perfect settings? What was I doing all along? And now, what am i doing? I can no longer see the results of my actions, I just know that going forward is the only way. I feel so insecure and yet I know my security zone is somewhere in front. But then, why is this happening? What is actually happening?!

"It's a road that all humans have to cross. When they find a new purpose for themselves, they will find the answer they need."

light my way ♥

Tuesday, November 07, 2006 ;
9:55 AM
Just the other day, Kelvyn was explaining to me about his programming project. So I had a look at some of the codes. It reminded me the days when I feel like I can code a program! Although it would be in Turbo Pascal mode haha!

Ever since i changed to this blogskin, I'd always wondered why my archives did not appear at all in the Links section. So I took this chance to recheck, and found out i closed the division too early! How come I could not notice such a simple mistake! Haihz >.>

So for those who wanna read the past entries and laugh, you can go ahead now!

"From time to time, you meet people you must learn from."

light my way ♥

Saturday, November 04, 2006 ;
11:25 PM
Damn, I miss you so much! Miss you to bits!

light my way ♥

10:30 AM
Woohoo! One paper down! Emet 1001, dun wanna touch you again lolx!

Hmmm, i dunno where was the exam venue actually. And it starts at 9am. Nearly got fooled by my hp clock also, it said 8.47am, I haven change it for daylight savings yet! I'm not going to miss another exam again XD

So I head to the MH, and met all the biology students = =''

Eh? Not here meh? Since I thought I got time, so I talked with Felix.

"Eh Jason, what are you doing here?

"EMet lo, you bio right?

"Wei! Emet is at the sports hall! faster go!! 9 already!"



"There is no such thing as coincidence. Everything is inevitable."

light my way ♥

Wednesday, November 01, 2006 ;
1:25 PM
Seriously I dunno when I last blogged, seems like ages ago. Well, this time I'm blogging to set this date as the date that I'm going all out. On the contrary, not for accounting or anything related to my course, but actually to delve into game designing. The design I had made gained, truthfully, cautious acceptance in the ANU network due to radically new ideas, but generally agreed to have potential.

And a gaming programmer amongst them suggested to me to start small, very small. He said what plagues most programming company is that it never gets off the ground, and never past the discussion stage, let along the non-existing teamwork. So the first move would be to create a clone of another game ie Minesweeper and move on to create fun versions of that clone (Wanna get rid of that minelayer? just thought up ;p).

Incidentally, I have applied to 2 gaming companies for intern. One is Brisbane, Australia and the other in Perak, Malaysia! Both companies are very capable, with the Australian one had produced a best selling product and the Malaysian one currently have 1 million players in its online game. Although they do no have plans for internship, I'm going to push my luck through what I can offer. I have nothing to lose but all to gain.

So.. please grace me with luck! This is the first time I felt I'm doing something for my material future!!

light my way ♥

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