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Tuesday, May 31, 2005 ;
5:02 PM
So you guys have watched Madagascar? Do you guys love those idiotic skunks there? Or are they racoons? Who cares? What's more important is their techno song right?! yea!! I bet you like that song.... but that song is considered mild techno... prepare for this remix ;p

Dance baby !! Dance!! I like to move it move it!!!

light my way ♥

3:45 PM
Kimi lost his race at the last lap... letting Alonso to become the winner... followed by Heidfeld and Barri.

Haihz.... u know what happened... Kimi's front right tyre literally burst.... the result of gambling the chances.... u see... 10 laps before the end... all of us know that his tyre is almost on the verge of bursting... and Alonso was behind him... catching up by 1.3 secs per lap... the gapp from 7 secs... got down to 6 secs in a lap until it was so certain that he will catch up with Kimi... but somehow... he got stalled for 2 laps at 4 secs away cos of a lagging car blocking car. Kimi had the cahnce to change his tyre but it will surely cost him the 10 points... so he decided to continue and cross his fingers. If it was me there driving, i would also continue racing... hoping against data that i will last till the end... but alas.... after all the suspense...it's all over.... so sad.... the team i support can't get a hattrick.... T.T

light my way ♥

Sunday, May 29, 2005 ;
4:09 AM
Where was i these few days? Playing utopia !! Hehe... cos i just started, the first few days are very important, so a lot of my time was spent there. So what is utopia? It is a browser type of game, which means it's a game on the net but only requires you to log into their website. It is a fantasy type of world, where there are humans (of cos!), elves, orcs, dwarfs, undead, halfling, faeries and avians. And you get to choose yourself a personality like Sage, Merchant, Rogue, Mystic etc etc. So what am i? I'm playing two accounts on 2 servers, the main account is a Halfling Rogue, where i'll be doing stuff like robbing $$ and other sabotaging stuff, using ppl like spies ~ but they call them thieves (it doesn't sound nice at all, i rather call them agents, but can't do, agents are used to widely in other games as peeps who catches spies >.< ) then the other, where i simply play for fun is an Elf Freak!! Hehe, this freak.... has the tendency to overcome impossible odds and also to fail at what a grandma can do with a walking stick @@''

Hiehie, by the way, i had this dream few days ago. I wrote all of them in a journal, so i can trace what i was dreaming these days. Started it like few months ago, so i guess i have a lot ;p

Dun mind that there are vague parts here and there, who remembers their dream completely though? >)

"Your mission is to go and meet up with so-and-so commander and blow up the bridge at 3.00 - 5.00pm today. Then you are to travel to a town, and assassinate a leader. All this will take place in 3 days. You are to return on your third day." This was the mission statement given to me. It sounds more like a ninja job. I was in an ancient chinese isolated area, together with a family
of assassins. A group of us teens or just over teens are called up and told to sit on a table to discuss our ways to complete the new missions, and also have lunch. Each of us has a diff mission. For me, once we ate finish, i took more of the time to have idle chit chat than discuss. There was this girl sitting beside me, wearing pink stripes, and quite slim in stature. She leaned close to me, just a tad more b4 her back would touch my chest. Instinctively, i put my hand on her waist. (y i do that? = ='' ) Well, it is a shock for her, for she hop back fast enough, squeekily" What are you doing?". So i said, "I thought u want it? So i gave one to you lo ~" and leave it at that. Then i turn back to the discussion on the tables. The people grouped there are real familiar to me. Some of them are my cousins now like Kosong and Leong Leong, and some of them are frens, but i had no idea who they are now. We discussed a bit, and i found out their missions too. Just when i was busy thinking up ways to complete my mission, this same gurl came and peck me at the corner of my lips and leave it as though nothing had happened. The peck left me a very peculiar taste, like i experienced it b4 but i'm not interested to look any further. Hmmmmm..... And the big guy would always have to come at this moment. "Time's up. Get Ready." So everyone pick up their scroll and stuff them somewhere in their clothing. The scroll is of 2 parts, one is the map and the other is the written mission scroll. At first i want to lump them together, but decided against it, in the end i split them up into my 2 pockets, just in case i need to ask around the town and i would not be seemed suspicious.

Our journey out of the house is to be of some ceremony, so that we come back safe i think. We were supposed to walk out of the main door, which is at the other end, and this wooden place i am in is really, not safe for casual living, there are places that are so low that i have bend to my knees and crawl! Of cos, there are other ways b4 the main entrance to go out, but somehow, my dad was behind me to stop me from taking a shortcut. >( Cos u see, the group is already well ahead of me. I thought taking a shortcut wouldn't hurt, since the main thing is to get out of this place. And i really dun think this ceremony would actually work, like walking about can save us from danger... even if i'm superstitious, i can't see it from the superstitious point of view either... Then there is this old grandfather guy who met me up at the front door, asking what/where am i doing now. The answer is as weird as where i am right now. "Studying in Monash". Anyway, that is not of importance to me. I raced up my pace to catch the crowd about 15 steps away from me. Suddenly, the whole group turn around and went to the praying altar there, like two tables ( it's wooden but the design mimicks marble) conjoined and laden with those kind of food grandmas would place to pray. So i asked what happened. And they told me to eat some rice and chicken
there b4 we go. So i took a spoonful of rice and a tad bit of chicken, since that is what is needed and chomp it down. Fine, it's quite tasteless. And i really have no idea why would everyone else is struggling to get it down their throat. = =''

light my way ♥

Monday, May 23, 2005 ;
4:39 PM
One thing i like much about indian weddings are its frankness, good emcee and wonderful songs. Let's face it, the reason that all of us goes to wedding dinners are actually, the food!! Who cares about whether the bride and bridegroom is happy or not? We have seen them together for like years during the courting days, of cos they are delighted that they are married!! Just think about what they are going to do that night also... i bet u are grinning now ;p

So, this incredible emcee, is very intelligent that he knows what the 800+ people there wants, out with the speeches, and in with the food!! But of cos la, must at least let the bride, bridegroom and the families to speak a bit, but the emcee did warn them... "Keep it short!" From custom, it's bride's father...then bridegroom's dad then the bridegroom representing the new familiy la...

So..... when its the bride's father's turn...the emcee started to introduce him by......

"Let's get rid of all these formalities.... we dun want them to interfere. So....... the bride's fa-ther is on MC today....and he isn't available for comment.... (cheekingly) it must be either he is too ex-cited..... or he is too heartbroken that his daughter has been taken over by someone ;p"

"One speech down... good. So now it's the bridegroom dad's turn. He only will speak in tamil...so those who dun understand...too bad la..." (this emcee ar = ='')

So later after that dad, whose speech sprinkled with english words everywhere.....

"Okay!! One more before we chomp! Let's give this O-N-E man... who is before is known as the bride gro ~ ~ and from tomorrow will be known as the husband of so-and-so...... hehe.... to speak.... if he is lucky enough to speak....Now... everyone please give this man his L-A-S-T opportunity to speak his mind !"

Our hero stood up...ready to walk towards to the podium. Supposedly he should go alone but his wife......

"Oh! His wife insists of following him!! So that he speaks what she wants him to speak... so early already control the husband..." (Tak malu ar say through the mic = ='' )

And indeed that guy can't speak a word up there hahahaha!!! After like a bit later then only start to speak a bit... like happy to see everyone da da da...but the main point is this... when he is about to end.... his wife tugged him!!! Then only he remembered... "..... and her brother is the next most eligible bachelor....." XD

Haihz...like having a party only. To tell you frankly, even before the first speech, the dishes are already on the table!! All 6 of them, mutton, chicken, all those indian food u usually see and most of us adi all up and reeady to tuck on but just because of these formalities we cannot start!! And once the last speech is over, woo! We took only 45 mins to kao tim it... including dessert! Hehe..

And i gotta tell you this.... the three peep gang up there... the old buncit guy was playing the flute damn superbly... the girl was playing that indian guitar and the sound from it was so tantalising sweet... and the other guy... who look really like a sufi.... beat the drum like a damn good dance pro!! And that's not it.... u might be thinking that they play melodious indian songs right? But no ~ for the whole 2 hours they have been playing... they went from traditional indian songs to chinese songs like "Shang Hai Tan ( Shiong Hoi Tan)" to english songs like "The devil is on sunday" to malay songs like "Burung Gagak" then to many more numerous other dance songs and oldies. I even caught them playing that Chinese new year song "Gong Xi Fa Chai"!!! Even my mom say the band damn modern...u guys try to imagine...with only the flute, guitar and the drum... and they could play up to those kinds of songs....simply stupendous!! I so wanted to have a recorder to record it down but..... *sob*

Hmmmm.... another things...you know that chinese give their wedding presents b4 the ceremony right... the indians do things the opposite. The presents were practically lying all about us while we are eating! And after dinner, there is this lady, only start to prepare the ang pow, she borrowed a pen from us... wrote her name then put in the money.... that lady must have waited to see what food she gets then only decide on the ang pow money... haihz... liddat also can = ='' Since my parents dunno anything bout these customs...we gave ahead d liao... hope they dun mind la.... and if there were to have anymore indian weddings... i would love to go again! For the first time, it's fun and i dun get bullied by the older brothers!!!

light my way ♥

Sunday, May 22, 2005 ;
10:13 AM
I got a haircut today hahahaha!! Now my hair is short ;p

I: Can help me do a hair style ar? I dunno how then only nice la...

Then that guy...molest my hair...touch here touch there.... "aiyah...cut short only la then gel...ur hair so curly...what to do...."

"K-lo ~"

The hairstylist cut cut cut... then also look look see how his frens are cutting also....until this happened...


Eh... how come my ear a bit prickling pain wan...

"Oh... sorry.... your ear pain or not?"


But really.... i dun feel any REAL pain at all... i was actually amused that i can see through the cut hahahahaha!!!! That guy was really scared i get angry wor ~.... after put plaster...after 30 minutes later also.... still saying to me sorry sorry sorry.... i say it's ok until my mouth tired ad... hahahaha!!

light my way ♥

Wednesday, May 18, 2005 ;
4:26 PM
If we got into a car accident, should we get down and scold each other for negligence in driving, or should we sit down and talk how we are going to repair the damage?

If a student had answered a question wrongly, should we take out a cane and wack him for his stupidity, or we take the time and heart to help the student understand his mistake?

If we lost out on a competition, should we get ourselves worked up and blame everyone for poor play, or we evaluate our standards and train ourselves to be stronger?

If you are accused of wrongdoing, should we fight back and claim innocence regardless of other people, or stand up and admit that you are indeed in the wrong and you would repent?

If the world should one day crumbles upon you, do you kneel down and cry for the bad turn of events, or straighten up to face the obstacles?

If the road ahead should be bumpy and rocky, should we wait till the rain erodes it flat, or thrust ahead with resilience?

If we are to search back into the past to find someone to be responsible for the events today, would it guarantee that everything will be solved right after that? Should we not forgive and forget, and start everything anew?

The solution is always there right in front of us, it is only a matter of choosing the perception that we look it at, looking at things negatively will prolong the healing process, but to look at it from the bright side, all will end well if everyone come to terms to reality.

The hope to reach a resolution is always right in front us. If we are to stay at this point to get anyone to be found guilty or to find back the comfort you once knew, the answer will not wait for you at the end. It will always be farther away, and the road will be turning up with more and more obstacles with every delay. So we should not ever stop at where we are but to continue forward and correct our mistakes along the way. Bliss is always waiting for us at the end to claim it, but we had to endure hardships to deserve it.

This is dedicated to everyone out there who need a break and to start to see things differently. And to me, who had a very hard day today, because i had hurt people, made people worried, and have people who dun even care for me. I can continue to look at things differently but sooner or later i could break, because there is no one who shared my thoughts, who shared my feelings, who understood the real meaning behind all i had done...

light my way ♥

Tuesday, May 17, 2005 ;
3:12 PM
Yeahoo!! Accounts assignment down d!! Can relax liao...fuu ~~ But still got something bothering me, i met a friend and asked her bout her net profit...and it was 5k+ and mine is 2667!! How come can so big difference wan?! Her financial position is balanced also!! Hmmmm.... ( Incase u dunno, financial position is Kunci Kira-Kira in malay ;p )

But Ah! Who cares.... finish it can liao la.... now the only things left is Bus Stats assignment, due within 3 days >.< Good thing is that, i got a rough idea on how to go about it..should be done soon ;p

light my way ♥

Monday, May 16, 2005 ;
3:44 AM
Haihx....i'm rushing again...i resolutely told myself a few weeks ago that i will not procrastinate until the end but now...here is am again.... desperately trying to finish up all the assignments. Geez, now i'm feeling that there is not enought time at all, and i dun really fancy going out of my set ritual just to get everything done. I would not feel happy at all after i finish cos it is so stressful doing them!!! Now, must tell myself again....dun procrastinate please >.<

light my way ♥

Saturday, May 14, 2005 ;
1:00 PM
So my dad unbeknownst to me had decided that i would to transfer to Australia to study my final years there. Actually it has been an ongoing discussion for a while but at first i was not really interested in giving my feedback because i can't feel the urgency in discussing it yet, since it's only next year that i'll be going there! What's the rush right?! I am enjoying my frens here ;p

The original plan was for me to go there for my 2nd year 2nd sem then all the way to the finals. I kinda like this plan, because it allows me to somesort of adapt to the place(if i ever do need ;p) and also to check out the area for some entertainment places to hang out XD. Hehehe... and also to find a place to work part-time for some extra $$. You know what KT said, we work the 1st sem we are there... then in the final year we do option trading. Let's say we got $1000 as capital ( Kinda easy though.... u get $13/hour as a waiter there... work the max of 20 hours/week...so after 3 months would be $3120 ^ ^), then with Moore's Law, we can double our capital every month so after 12 months, what would our capital become?!!? Hmmmm.... $1000 X 2 ^ 12 = $4, 096, 000 !!!! Waahhahahahaha !!! Millionaire liao lo!! Can buy few Evos, Subarus and Civics ar ahahahahaha!!! This dream can come true or not le? Hehehehehe....

Maybe this way also can... since Aussies wanna learn Chinese now right...so both of us offer tuition to the small kids la ( hope they are not hard to handle...if KT follow his mum ar...most probably he would rotan them lo >.<'' )... if we charge a miserable $20/hour... 20 hours max per week...3 sems = 48 weeks...then we could get..... $19,200 !!! Wao!! That is almost RM 60k wei! Teaching small kids only....somemore at miserable fees....hehehehehe ( evil grin)...but la....cannot compare with $4.1m........ :)

light my way ♥

Friday, May 13, 2005 ;
12:36 PM
Ah !! Officially my resting time comes to an end. Now i will be handling ALL the assignments coming my way!! Actually....i procrastinated....should have started 2 days ago but...hey!! Having fun is addictive!! ;p

light my way ♥

Tuesday, May 10, 2005 ;
2:09 PM
Ah... i finally finished up my econs assignment and passed it up today. I just chatted with my cuz's gf Mandy. How is she like? Hmm...chattable? LOLX!! I dunno much about her cos she is bz with her assignment and i feel kinda bad interfering with her work. So i thought of writing a blog and here i am!! I am not a sanguinary person!! Ahahahahah!! What that means? ;p

light my way ♥

Sunday, May 08, 2005 ;
4:56 PM
I decided not to continue transcribing Saikano because i found that i'm more like interpreting it rather than doing it verbatim. Hope you guys would look out for the manga/anime. The story will give u a new perspective at life.

I'll post some comments others made.
SUPERB... just magnificient, we can see how romances struggle their way through a meaningless war... how our sweet couple maintain their relationship in such complicated situation. What can I say? Your girlfriend has to fight a war and you can do nothing but stand by the side and watch her fight? Even when everytime she comes back with additional plasters and bandages?

Chise... as innocent as she can be, is a girl that has yet to see the beauty of the world... I sincerely pity Chise's situation and I was really amazed on how strong she is. Shujii falling in love with a super weapon, I sorta understand his feelings and I really admire his loyalty in that he would have loved Chise so much.

We have lots of supporting cast as well and they die in such a way that you could even cry for them. I mean, it is pretty predictable that people would eventually die in any war story and that includes the main cast as well.

Akemi - her love has never been answered till the end. The conclusion to her romance story made me cry and kept saying "why? why?"... at least she has some solace amidst the sadness. I feel for Akemi and I really pitied her till the very last.

Atsushii - A one sided love of Akemi, he enrolled into war to protect what he must. He is such a great person and willing to sacrifice all despite what he gained is not worth what he sacrificed. Yup, I cried for Atsuhii too.

Tetsu - The only person to comfort Chise in the absence of Shujii. Tetsu has to depart with his wife because of war and till the end remembers her with his heart and soul. Tetsu earns my honour and full respect.

I would not elaborate more, the rest would be up to the audience to watch for themselves. As you can see, Shin Takahashi have brought up the characters in such a way that you actually feel for them. It is just simply amazing...

Note* In defence of Chise, I don't think she cries too much :) Sure, she cries a lot, but it's all quite reasonable considering her position. Chise, in my opinion, represents innocence lost; an unprepared child brutally thrust into the savage garden of an adult world totally at odds with her gentle nature. Being the instrument representative of the war around her, I would say that her tears are symbolic of knowing in her heart what result that lies at the end of the road and feeling powerless in the face of its inevitability.

This has got to be one of the best emotional dramatic anime I have ever seen! There is just WAY too much to this series, and I don't think it's even possible for me to include it all into this review.

To my understanding, the main theme of the show seems to be something like, "hold onto whatever love and happiness you have, despite the hardships." I was so wowed at how well the producers of this anime were capable of keeping this theme constant throughout the whole anime! From the beginning all the way to the end, we shall see the main characters suffer overwhelmingly large amounts of loses and pains, and yet still find and hold onto their love, happiness, and a reasons to live on.

Shuji blindly chooses to stick with her regardless of what happens, and as a consequence, their relationship progresses across the full spectrum of relationship issues, filling a meagre thirteen episodes with some of the most sincere and detailed emotion that I have ever found in anime.

With all the good points I've said, this anime should get a perfect 5 star score.

This anime gets a 5/5 from me...along with Onegai Twins and Voices of A Distant Star.

light my way ♥

Thursday, May 05, 2005 ;
2:29 PM
Back at Shuji's home, he was reading the diary.

"Shu-chan has been exceptionally good to me these days. But when i see you smile, i feel worried instead. Everytime i see you forcefully break into a smile, i hope that i can dissapear. Why my body had turned out this way? What did i do wrong? Is this a punishment? Ultimate weapon is top secret. I cannot talk about it with anyone. It is suffering through all these. That's why, I dun want you to see me in that form that day but it was a relief that you saw me. It's because i was afraid that you will get angry at me. Seeing you saying lies to yourself and treating me like a princess, I felt really happy but also felt very sad. But dun worry! I will become stronger. Much much more resilient. So, dun worry about me. Eventhough it has only been a short while, thank you very much for being my boyfriend. Gomen-nasai."

Shuji literally ran out of the house to find Chise! When he was near Chise's house, there she was, floating in the air, shimmering in white light.

Suddenly, I seem to understand everything.

Chise din notice Shuji was there. And when she saw him, she panicked and fell to the ground in a heap.

"Chise!Are you all right?!"

And our hero tripped on his shoe lace and fall close to her...

Chise: "Gomen-nasai..."

Since that day, I had not seen her so hurt before. That is why i lied to myself thinking that it was a dream but once i did that, i only serve to hurt her more deeply.

Chise frantically: "Tadaimasu!!" (I'm back)

Chise has some parts of her clothes torn off, especially her back where the wings had to portrude out. She was hugging herself, much like how girls do to hide their body.

They looked at each other in the eye. A long silence ensued.

"Idiot! What would happen if someone else saw you coming home like that?!What are you going to do then?"
"Say sorry then can is it?"
"Gomen-nasai (>.<). But i wanna go home before my curfew..."
(It means, welcome home. Personally, i feel very at ease when someone tells me that once i come home.)
"Tadaimasu......" Cries.

Shuji walked her home....

"Chise. What is 'ultimate weapon' all about? Have you asked the military?"
"They said that, this is a top secret thing..."

No matter how stupid I am, I finally realized it. That escaping from the truth, could only hurt Chise. And make her lonelier still.

"No one else knows about this except you Shu-chan. My Dad, my mom, my younger brother do not know of this. The lieutenants tell me not to tell this to anyone and even if i could, i would not want to talk about it."
"Then dun tell this to anyone."
"We are a couple. Just the two of us know, it's enough."

"Then this will be our little secret ok?"
"Yea, if our parents know this we're dead."

Both of us decided that because we are lovers, we will keep this a secret between us. And with it, continue living our lives.

One beautiful picture!!!

And...err..someone dunno what the italic means...so....they are what Shuji is saying in his heart....
do you guys like the story so far? It might not touch you yet but if you are patient enough to continue... you will find asking yourself the very basic issue in life.... and you will ponder and ponder and decide.....

light my way ♥

Wednesday, May 04, 2005 ;
3:43 PM
Remember to post some cooments guys!!

Shuji was late today. Chise was waiting for him at the foot of the slope.

"Good morning Shu-chan!"
"Sorry, I'm late."
"Nevermind, it's ok. Let's go."

"Is it ok, if we are late later?"
"Dun worry! I will try my best."

My girlfriend, is still as slow as ever since that day.

Up on the rooftop alone together....

"And then, I've turned into a last-resort weapon.."
"Oh. Actually, what is it about?"
"Even after they explained, I dunno much either. I dun understand what they are saying at all. Gomen-ne..."
"Nah... It's ok...Can it be done with?"
"Ah! I forgot to ask them this!!"
"How can you forget it?!"
"Err...next time there is a drill i ask them ok?!" (>.<)

(She was taken by the military at night after their first date.)
"By the time i woke up, I was already in the barracks. I also didn't know who did this to me, that's why i can't answer you... sorry..."
"No... it's ok..."

"Oben-to!" (Lunch box.)
"I dunno if it taste nice or not but when i asked Akemi what should i do when i'm with you, she tell me to make lunch for you. Ah, if you dun like it you can dun eat it."
"Hehe, i want to faster eat it."
(^.^) (^.^)

"A pager? Your parents calling you?
"No, the military gave it to me. In case they need me they can contact me."
"For what....?"
"Err...battles... but dun worry! They said they will try their best not to give me any troubles. And also i dun have any classes this afternoon, so... Shu-chan, I'll go and come back soon. Dun worry about me, k?"
"Bye then."

So sweet!! Chise decorated the rice with a red coloured heart shape!!

It has been a week since the Sapporo raid. People dead, 47,800. People missing, 66,300.

Yukari(second from right) was shown clutching the quartz Take bought for her as she was paying her last respects in class.

Shuji's gang:"So nice, home-made lunch." And non-chalantly grabbed a piece.
"Wao, a lot of food there!" And tried to get one...
"Only got meat balls. Seems like you are just a civilian. Only the military gets to have meat." And ate the meat ball. = ='' "And it's a bit overcooked"
"You stole it from me and you still gripe about it?!"
"I also want one..."

Although we did not said it outright, we knew not to talk about that raid among the both of us. Because even if we talk about it, and think about him, wouldn't change anything.

light my way ♥

Tuesday, May 03, 2005 ;
11:01 AM
Shuji went to meet up with his gang at the rooftop.

"Exchanging diaries?"
"Hey why not? You should just write anything in."
"And now that we can't use our handphones and we can't surf the internet,
even the TV shows are re-runs! What more entertaining thing you can do now?"
"Then you guys tell me what i should write."
"Well, you could tell her where you want to go with her, how you want to kiss
her, touch her, molest her bla bla bla..."
"What the hell!"
"Hey Take, have you did it with Yukari?"
"Hehe, we had been going out for 2 months."
"Woohoo! Tell me what 2 did!!"
"Idiot! She'll kill me if i tell you!"

Leaving all the huru-hara behind, Shuji turned over to look at Chise playing down at the field. They were playing pass ball and when the ball is going towards Chise, she got scared and duck but still kena head shot! = =''

Akemi went over to comfort her and also point out to her Shuji was watching from up there. Chise's hand got forced to wave at Shuji. (Who else was forcing her hand? :)

"Hey, you better wave back Shuji, or Akemi will come and find you."
"Why do you care so much??"

After a while lazing around....

"F-15! They have been flying around here lately."
"Something is happening?"
"I heard Tokyo and Osaka is under siege or something."
"Why worry about that? It's nothing to do with us..."
"Diary exchange...... (>.<) "

Back home at night, Shuji tries to write something into the diary. Chise had written the first entry, so he read it first.

"What are you doing now, Shu-chan? I think that it's the greatest thing that i can summon up my courage to tell you how i feel. I can feel that my days from now will be happier..."

So Shuji tried his first..... and it was pretty lame. Haihz.

"Geez, having a girlfriend is so much trouble."

He looked over at a photo hanging on the board.

"It was the same back then too."

"And stop referring to me as Shu-chan, I'm grown up!"

(Wanna know what he had wrote?)

I think forget it la. But, meet me up after school later.

Chise got the message the next day. And her friends were kinda dissapointed with what Shuji wrote. And since they had no idea why Shuji wanted to see her later, a perverted friend suggested maybe Shuji wanna make out with her.....

So, Shuji took Chise to that observation pondok...

"Wait !! This is too fast!"
"Huh?" (points at the pondok)
"Oh my....so beautiful...."

(In case any of you don't know, most of the towns in Japan are on the coastline, so the view is of the hills and the ocean, very spectacular.)

"Good thing you like it Chise. I had hoped that this is the last thing i would show you."
"Sorry but... i'm tired of this already. I guess i'm not the lover type of a person..."

You made Chise cry!! What your mother teach you?!

"Sorry! But this is not your fault at all..."
"It's that....it's that.....I want this to end too!"
"I don't know how it is like to go out with someone... I asked Akemi, I read comic books... tried a lot of other ways... but i still dunno why i can't make it so successful like the other couples... come to think of it...it's all your fault!"
"It's because i dun want to go out with you at the first place!! I just wanted to test my courage... I said before i wanted to be brave... and Akemi knew that i had liked you before... so she urged me to try on you... but how would i know you would say yes?!"
"Anyone would say yes..."
"A cute girl like you, saying that you want to go out with me, how could i not agree?"

*Note: Shuji used 'boku' here, and 'boku' is usually only used by young boys.

"I never wanted to go out with any girls until u asked me!"

*Used 'boku' again. 'Boku' is I.

"Say again..."
"Say what?!"
"Boku..." (^.^)
"Ah?!" Shuji blushed red faced!!
"So what?! I've been saying that since i'm young!Not like i can help it!"
"Ahahahahahah!! Sorry!! Shu-chan is just so cute!!Ahahahaahaha!!"
"Idiot!! You are the cute one here!"
"Gomen-ne, Shu-chan. I was so scared to tell you the truth. Actually, i was scared of you..that's why...sorry.."
"Dun say sorry again la.."
"Sorry..... ah?"
"Idiot.... hehehe"

Finally, something tragic in a way, ended up with laughters.

"That's the first time since we go out that i see you laugh, Chise."
"Me too."
"Maybe, this is what going out is all about."
"So...are we still a couple?
"I know it's kinda weird, maybe because it's fate, but why not both of us try to love each other now...."
"M." (^.^)

Nudge Shuji a bit....

"So....." *Pulls out the diary...
"Err...err... dun want?"
"Ha...i'll write."
"Then what should i do for you?"
Shuji ponders.........

Kakaka...both of them are so embarrassed!!

Chise with the ganbatte spirit ! ;p
"Ok! I'll do it!"
Shuji got taken back, apparently he din expect it.... and he summoned up his courage......

Both of them are so innocent i tell you... both of them are trying to kiss and they look real awkward!! Ahahahaha!!
*A word for the director : Good choice of music! I experienced that kind of heartbeat before!
Needless to say, they smooched.

Both of us decided that, we will start our love story here.

"Ah! I can hear Shu-chan's heartbeat. It's so loud that i can hear it from here."
"I can hear Chise's too."

In this small town, where there isn't any entertainment, and we dunno anything of our future but there is one thing for certain, that both of us, decided to fall in love.

An example of a day spent together.... is Shuji commanding Chise to buy him drinks every breaktime. You slave-master!

"Huh?" Sleeping somemore!!
"Gomen-nasai, there was no more coffee."
"Oh." And he took Chise's drink.
"No, nothing."
Then he noticed he took the wrong one and gave it back to Chise.
"Idiot" Chidingly... You baru-lah idiot! Only know how to drink milk!

"Eh? What happened?"
"Yukari and Take is arguing again.."
"Baka, dun simply think too much"
But they actually were arguing about something.....
"What happened to you? You fall down again?"
"No it's nothing. Sorry."
"You are so clumsy! Be more careful, you are a girl you know."

Chise: "I wonder would we argue at each other?"
Shuji:"With you? Never."
Chise: (^.^)

Shuji went out with his gang shopping in Sapporo. Shuji wanted new clothes, Take bought a crystal, rose quartz, to make it up for the argument.

An air strike in Sapporo, tons of bombs exploded around the city. War has descended on Japan. And Take lost his life, still clutching the quartz in his hand.

Amidst all the dog fight above, something was striking all the enemy bombers down. A small red light, moving twice as quick as anything else, destroying planes like swatting dead a fly.

Shuji caught sight of it, and ran after it, curious as to what it is. It was struck down and Shuji rushed to it. That object....is Chise. Her hand had turned into a mechanical weapon. Wings portruded out behind her.And she feared the worst when she saw Shuji.

"Gomen-nasai, Shu-chan. This is...what i am."

I should have noticed it that day. That the bandage on her knees, was because of something like this.

He got shocked. He was frightened. He had no other thoughts, except to walk towards her, and hold her in his arms.

When i hugged Chise that day, I couldn't feel any heartbeat.

light my way ♥

Monday, May 02, 2005 ;
4:52 PM
This is a story i find very endearing to me. So i decided to share it with all of you. Since it is quite long, i divide them into parts.

The Last Love Song on This Little Planet
The story started off with the winter snow falling on a hill. The surroundings were covered white with snow, giving a surreal sense of peace and lost. Shuji was walking to the promised place, the observation shelter on the tip of the hill.

"How many times have i been here since that day?"

"In this town, in this country, even in this whole planet, i am thinking of only one person, my frail cute girlfriend, Chise."

He walked into the shelter and then overlook his small town.

"It was here, on that day, where we began..."

He looked around for her. Left and right. Instantly he noticed something moved behind him, hoping it was Chise, but there was nothing. *Cling Cling* The ringing came from a bag lying on the floor beside the bench. It was Chise's bag. Inside it are Chise's diaries, and he read them.

The first word read : Shu-chan....

And he recalls back to the past.

Back to the days when everything is peaceful, where boys chase girls and girls trade gossips. Shuji and Chise were both walking up the slope towards their school. Chise was always the slower one among them, and she always begged Shuji to wait for her.

Chise: "Shu-chan ~"

Slowly she came closer, swaying left and right, under the strain of walking uphill. The bells on her bag rings in tune with her step. And those showed how frail she was, but delightfully attractive. She stopped to puff in some air.

Shuji: "Aren't you too slow, Chise?"
Chise : " Gomen-ne..." (sorry) "Gomen-nasai..."

Ahhh.... she is so cuuuutte ! Shuji just can't help but blush! He dunno what to do, so he just turned and continue walking. Chise was like, har?, why you start to walk so fast, and struggled to keep up with him.

Chise is cute. But she is frail, short, timid and has the clumsy disease. She is a below average student but she is very good at History. *Shu-chan....wait up...* She knows very well that History is useless for her future.

Shuji: "huh?"
Chise : "Shu-chan.....gomen-ne ~"

Chise was really tired, even her tone is starting to get irregular. But Shuji only knows how to move on again ! What la him, Chise damn tired d you know ! Help her la 8ka!

Chise's favourite phrase is 'gomen-nasai' and her motto is "I want to be more resilient". I think she was born a day-dreamer.

Apparently there was a bus service cos one just went by.
Shuji quickened up his pace.

Chise: "Shuji!"
Shuji: "I think from tomolo onwards you better take the bus. You dun have the stamina yet to walk up this slope with me yet."

Chise got irritated.

Shuji: "Ah.. sorry.. it's cos i was in the track team before this..."

Chise doesn't want to dissapoint Shuji so she hugged her bag and ran up to him. Struggling with effort though. And she was really contented that she is no longer burdening him to wait for her.

Chise: "But no matter what, i still want to walk to school with you. It's because, I am your girlfriend!" (^.^) "Hey, look at this..."

"Exchange diaries?"

"Ah, sorry, you dun want to iszit?" <:( "Who taught you this? Akemi again?!" " But i want to know you better!" Then she sport that look that melts every man's heart... Akemi came drifting in one her bike : "Hey you two! If you dun stop mushing around you will be late!" Chise: "Good morning, Akemi!" Akemi: "Are you bullying Chise again?!" "I never did that!!" But Chise gestured that he is..... Time is running out... so Akemi dun want to bother and went ahead first. Shuji: "Haihz, seems like i dun have a choice, i'll write." "Really?!" "Now let's not be late!"

Chise expressed her feelings to me five days ago, asking me to go out with her. But i'm still not sure whether i should...

light my way ♥

Sunday, May 01, 2005 ;
4:49 PM
Advanced Global Personality Test Results
Extraversion |||||||||| 40%
Stability |||||||||||||||| 63%
Orderliness |||||||||| 36%
Empathy |||||||||||||| 56%
Interdependence |||||||||||| 50%
Intellectual |||||||||||| 50%
Mystical |||||||||||||| 56%
Artistic |||||||||||| 43%
Religious |||||||||| 36%
Hedonism |||| 16%
Materialism |||||||||||| 50%
Narcissism |||||||||| 36%
Adventurousness |||||||||||| 50%
Work ethic |||||||||| 36%
Self absorbed |||||||||| 36%
Conflict seeking |||||| 30%
Need to dominate |||||| 23%
Romantic |||||||||||||||| 63%
Avoidant |||| 16%
Anti-authority |||||||||||||||| 63%
Wealth |||||| 23%
Dependency |||||||||||| 43%
Change averse |||||||||||| 50%
Cautiousness |||||||||||| 50%
Individuality |||||||||||||||| 63%
Sexuality |||||||||||| 50%
Peter pan complex |||||||||| 36%
Physical security |||||||||||||||| 70%
Food indulgent |||||||||||| 43%
Histrionic |||||||||||| 50%
Paranoia |||||| 23%
Vanity |||||| 30%
Hypersensitivity |||||||||||| 43%
Female cliche |||||||||| 36%
Take Free Advanced Global Personality Test
personality tests by similarminds.com

Stability results were moderately high which suggests you are relaxed, calm, secure, and optimistic.

Orderliness results were moderately low which suggests you are, at times, overly flexible, improvised, and fun seeking at the expense of reliability, work ethic, and long term accomplishment.

Extraversion results were moderately low which suggests you are reclusive, quiet, unassertive, and secretive.

I dun want to comment too much but i think generally it sums me up. Kinda scary eh? I hold the stability and orderliness comments quite true but for extraversion, i can be a very talkative person once i'm in the mood, mostly happens when i'm with people i'm comfortable with.

They said my traits are these...
Messy. But I do sometimes clean up, once in a blue moon though.
Tough. You mean tough mentally? I'm physically weak u know.
Disorganized. Yeah !
Fearless. I fear the first step but once i'm in, i'm on for it !
Not rule conscious. Rules are meant to be broken but not ALL rules ! I particularly dislike those drivrs who dun show signals >(
Likes the unknown. hmmm.... i guess so. I can't think of anything i do not know now. Oh, a girl's heart ? I'm very interested in that.
Rarely worries. Yeap ! But i'm very worried when i'm ignored...
Rash. I'm not exactly rash unless it is something important to me.
Attracted to the counter culture. Can say so hehe, but if it's good it'll be a part of me.
Rarely irritated. I get frustrated easily ! I'm angry cos i din explain well, so it's not on your part. But if it's on problem solving, i would try until i run out of ideas for 20mins before irritation sets in.
Positive. I tend to think positively.....
Resilient. I would not back out until the end. Testaments could be found in all my Dota games!
Abstract. I buy stuff using my feelings, so..... i think you're right.
Not a perfectionist. I dun want perfection, especially after watching Rozen Maiden. I want fulfillment.
Risk taker. Depends how risky it is, if can let's do it !
Strange and Weird. People do says that i'm such...hhehehe
Self reliant. I used to always try not to depend on other people. But these days, i'm no longer that. Does that makes me feminine? Shit ! This reminds me of that gender test !
Leisurely. Yeah ~ what is the rush? Wait till it's almost deadline, then you will see me rushing.
Dangerous. Ah?! My driving is dangerous la, but i dun bang into anything wan.
Anti-authority. Fancy seeing me doing reformasi? Nah, but i anti nonsensical things.
Trusting. I believe in trusting before you get trust.
Optimistic. Same as being postive eh? ;p
Thrill seeker. No ! You wun see me purposely inviting death ! But i like the thrills of it ^ ^
Likes bizzare things. I like alien designs but not disgusting goo.
Sarcastic. I dun think i'm sarcastic at all................ kua. XD

light my way ♥

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