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Friday, July 14, 2006 ;
1:02 AM
Today umpired table tennis is MASCA NCG. There is only one thing I wanna lament is that the umpire dun have chairs to sit!!! I stood for 3 hours non stop, not moving at all. Ok la, there were those occasional breaks but matches are virtually continuous, cos no point wasting time also.

Of the 5 of 6 contingents, only New South Wales, Victoria and Canberra participated only. So that's why can finish so fast. First round is NSW against VIC. Umpiring these matches are easy, quite relaxed. So relaxed that I can count wrongly sometimes also >.>

Then it's NSW vs ACT. This is when things start to heat up. I can feel the pressure of performing without mistakes. Those ACT people, all of them are standing opposite of me!! Then got Alyssia breathing behind me checking the score.. kept saying "Wa, Hao Jing Jang wo!! (So heart-stopping!)" = =''

But the best matches are really between ACT and VIC. The scoreline rarely differentiates the two teams more than 2 points, almost always draw after 2 balls. Then either one would start to lead more after the 10 points mark. However, there are lots of times when either side came back from 4 or 5 points behind, and these always happen when one is leading from around 18 points there! Then since I'm from ACT, the VIC guys kept checking with me the scoreline. Make me feel nervous "Did I see wrongly ar?" Aiyoh, umpiring more of these can make me grow white hair. >.<

light my way ♥

Friday, July 07, 2006 ;
8:45 PM
I've been quite busy lately thinking ideas to incorporate into my game design, and it's been very fun actually to receive commendable praise from peers on the network. They had put in some very good ideas too. Good thing to have such people around. But I'm still lost as to why girls play, I had interviewed a few, and I'm still not happy that it could just be about the social aspect!! There must be something else... haihz.

But frankly, the reason I start to write this entry is simply because that I kinda miss someone. Songs help me feel a bit better, and also give me some few memories to recall. Songs are great really. It helps me relive those moments again. These songs always relate me to them..

Barney > Cyndi Wang - 爱你 (COS he plays it non stop!!)
Chunky > Good Charlotte - Hold On
Hui San > Emil Chow - 朋友
Jen Sen > Crawling
Jun > Phantom of the Opera - All I Ask oF you
Kok Weng > 月亮惹的祸
Kuen Thai > Dance tracks..
Nicholas > MI:2 - Take A Look Around
Ngai Pan > Any 陈奕迅 songs...
Peng Soon > David Tao - Angel
Poh Mun > Rascall Flatts - God Bless the Broken Road and 光良 - 约定
Seow Kit > Any FF songs really..
Sharon Tai > Rain lolx!!
Soo Imm > John Farnham - Everytime You Cry
Tat Fook > You just sing Lee Hom's songs well ;p
Yeong Hui > Leo Ku - 伤追人

Songs also reminds of other stuff!
Jacky Cheung - 如果爱 > Those sweet love moments ~
Lee Hom's 安全感 > Reminds me of Xiu Fen and my first public singing on stage!!
And his 流泪手心 of my first karaoke experience!
Hernan Hermit's What a Wonderful World > Reminds me when I'm 16
Michael jackson's Alone > When I'm 12..
MLTR's The Actor > 10...

Ghostbuster theme >> Someone who is high!!!

light my way ♥

Sunday, July 02, 2006 ;
10:38 AM
They say that results would come out at the 3rd of July, but it actually came out on the 30th June already!!

Recap on what I had expected to get, I think I have a good chance on every subject to get a Distinction, more so on Management Accounting and Dynamics of Asian Business.

"Static budget"

Then the "Actual results" are:

Management Accouting: D > 77 (Expected, but had hoped for HD!! >.< )
Money Market and Finance: D > 70 (Very unexpected considering that i got only 52% (scaled) for Mid-sem!!)
Company Accouting: C > 68 (I had lost hope for this subject really, cos I'm usually confused about which account to put in for tax effects, considered a bonus to be so close to D)
Dynamic of Asian Business: C > 63 (LOLX!! What is this? Hahahaha!!! I got the best presentation but haihz... must be my assignment la.. over limit on words or juz crap >.> )

Overall, I think I had maintain my standard in terms of marks; I got 2D 2C the last sem also, but now have the chance to go better!! So long term plan is to continously improve like the Japanese and get all HD in the final semester!!!

light my way ♥

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