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Saturday, January 22, 2005 ;
3:17 PM
Haihz....din write anything here for more than a week. What actually happened ? It's not that i got nothing to say but, i'm exhausted over what had happened. But the blame is on my procrastination to get things done, now i gotta catch up. Haihz, i get a nap.

light my way ♥

Thursday, January 13, 2005 ;
4:58 PM
I'm a bit moody these few days. Just that a lot of stuff is going on my mind. Things that i gotta do, things that i can't do, my failures and my successes, my finance and opinions. Well, i feel a bit better now and i can finally spend some time on my blog. Just a recap on what i had done, i went on a book sale on the 7th, selling books to the upcoming Ausmat batch. And they are really ~ one kind. Not only do they expect at least 50% discount from us. they even wanted to buy books at exhorbitantly low prices !! We got books priced at RM100+ when we bought and they only offer RM15 = =. Anyway, i din manage to sell all my stuff that day, so together with my sunway family we decided to go for another round on Monday. When we gathered, we took over a MUFY classroom and stationed our book sale base. Then we set up notices everywhere. Hehe, it did draw a crowd, a crowd of MUFY students shooing us out lolx !! Well, we did manage to land a few deals before we got out. Since most of my stuff are notes, i dun get to sell any of them so ~ into the recycle bin they go ~ hehe. Other than that, i still have stuff to sell and it seems that the current batch has all they need. Well, hope i can get rid of all these when the March intake comes. Then just recently, I managed to complete downloading Chobits after 3 weeks !! Yea, it's very slow cos it's kinda an old anime. Watched it and felt that it's an ok anime, much like DearS and Aishiteruze Baby. Then I exchanged it for One Piece by SI and now i'm at disc 12 ! A very funny show and one of BK's favourite hehe. Oh, just today i went for red box again after such a long time and i found myself unable to sing hahahaha !! Gotta end here, i need to take care of my throat.

light my way ♥

Thursday, January 06, 2005 ;
5:59 PM
The study season has come again. But not me ! It's my cousin ! He is staying over at my house over his summer course. These few days i gotta be his guide, to show him the way to his college and if he is driving, make sure he doesn't go astray ;p Other than that, i created another character in RO ! This shall be a priest and will support ~:+:Phoenix:+:~. Hehe.

Jun tried to summon with dead branch. And she got peco peco egg LOLX !!

light my way ♥

Monday, January 03, 2005 ;
4:18 PM
Recently i'm back into Ragnarok Online again. This time it's Jun who persuaded me back ! I can still remember the last time i lured her into this game ;p. Anyway, i'm putting up photos to commemorate my RO wedding !!

My beginnings as an acolyte.

BK and Jun brought me to Prison. Since i can't do anything, all i did was talk and talk and talk = =

A friendly mage set up safety walls for us. I went to hide in there ^ ^

I'm turning into a monk. Look at what the pastor is trying to do to me!! >_<

Ouch !!

Hehe, before the king to commence the wedding. BK is our honoured guest.

Lazing about under the sun for a while. (Why BK sit so far? XD)

BK took his sweet revenge on us !!

Good thing no monsters attacked us. We finally reached Amatsu filled with Sakura trees and lovely songs.

Take a pic before we cross the bridge into the castle grounds.

One pic is not enough ;p

Resting after the walk. This is the guest room *hiehie*

Dinner !!

It was really fun !! And taxing too LOLX !! Come to think of it, i had gave out 1m of Ang Pau and the huge amount of congratulations from the people overwhelmed me. So sad i din get those pics while we were at Payon but the best thing that happened is that ~ Jun loves the Elven Ears I gave her !! ^ ^

P.S. : Thank you BK once again !!
P.S. Again : If you want to see the pics clearly, download it. I sized it up for easy viewing.

light my way ♥

Sunday, January 02, 2005 ;
5:08 PM
My new year eve had been tantalisingly blogged into SI's and KT's blog so go there. But, we had a great time at SI's house the next day too. I woke up on the 1st day of the new year sleepy, yes, very sleepy. I slept at around 4 in the morning and before that I was watching a movie about time travel, with koreans seeking independance from Japan thrown into the mix. It was about going back into the past, with Japan sending assassins to kill the Korean assassin of the past, that ultimately gained Korea's independance. Well, the movie lasted late and by the time we finished getting ready for sleep and some chatting it had been so late. And i really couldn't beleive SK at all ! He chose not to sleep and played Gunbound until all of us woke up !! Ahh, i was expecting he would be tired soon but no ~, he could still go out with us for brakfast. And then after that, he could still play Naruto2 for 5 hours !! I had previously played that game before and discovered the way to use superpowers. But this time, we found out the keys for combo and all of us no longer use superpowers because the combos are way too cool. The action is packed with all of us outwitting each other with the Replacement Technique, all the way up to 7 times in a row !! Ooo, i can say the game attack scenes are way better than the anime.

light my way ♥

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