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Wednesday, May 31, 2006 ;
11:42 AM
Yeah!!! I finally bought a wireless adaptor! Now i can go online from my room for free! No more walking to the computer room just to surf :)

It's the size of normal thumb drive, just slightly fatter. But it's working fine! Eventhough the signal strength is kinda low from my room, the written speed is 52 mbps. Experience tells me that those are usually not the actual speed, so i tried downloading a trailer, FF13 haha. The speed at the best is 130KB/s while averaging at 24KB/s now. Not bad, at least it's still better than my TIME Broadband back home! The next test would be the latency. Doubt it would be good, cos it's wireless in nature.

I had wanted to get a wireless adaptor weeks ago, but the price on shops ranges from like 40 bucks. Slightly more expensive than the adaptor i bought 3 years ago. Well, stuff here are expensive. So when i saw a blockmate of mine selling it cheap, grab it lor!! 24 bucks! Not bad not bad, but seriously I din really think it through before deciding to buy it. ^ ^''

light my way ♥

Sunday, May 28, 2006 ;
1:02 AM
Looking back at my life... i think i rarely go out myself(alone) and volunteer, or any other thing similar. I prefer to have someone beside me to be a friend and a guide just in case. That's pretty much because of the insecurity i have that I might screw things up. Well, from my experience, i did screw a lot of things :/

So, why suddenly this time? I think maybe this could be the turning point. Maybe i could be a very charitable person!! Haha... dun think so yet. But aiming to be keke. I'm volunteering for MASCA. Dun really know the full name but it's a malaysian sports carnival thingy. Malaysian from all diff uni in Australia would come to Canberra to participate. Well, a few months ago, i joined the selection to represent Canberra, but lost haihz. But i'm coming back as a referee muahahahah!!! Is there revenge in the air? ^ ^''

Well, that is the role i choose, rather than being a chaperone, where i have to be with the delegates to take them tour around Canberra and have the ability to answer at least 95% of their questions. I'm not so knowledgeable about Canberra yet. The only bus i know is 34 and 300 series, and there are so many more >.<

Another job is to volunteer for the msia night! Basically it's a dinner at Rydges Hotel, so the food should be good! But from the malaysian experience of hotel food, let's just see how it goes la! But then, being a volunteer for that night DOES NOT give us the right for free entry!!! Still have to pay 40 bucks!! But we asked for subsidy a bit... maybe 10 bucks haha!

The best thing would be I get to have a MASCA T-shirt!! So, ehe, another sports T-shirt for my wardrobe but more important!!! My T-shirt for this year. I dun think i might buy any clothes here in Aus...

light my way ♥

Wednesday, May 24, 2006 ;
10:01 PM
Finally got rid of the final assignment tonight!!

Title: How did Japanese firms and business groups use the results of R&D to change their production and product technologies in order to enhance their international competitive advantage after World War II?

Write 2500 words.

So really hard la. Even with some readings provided by the lecturer, still can't really answer the question in 2500 words. I guess from what I wrote, only around half is the answer. The other half are, related crap. = =''

I'm aiming for 12 marks out of 20 for this assignment. Now must really ganbatte for the final exam, 45% in there!!

light my way ♥

Tuesday, May 23, 2006 ;
9:47 PM
Well, in the quest for some little bit of relaxation, I came across this anime. From my first impression of the name, i get those *ahem* naughty thoughts, thinking it must be some kind of wrong anime for sad people. But then, this title somehow pop up a lot during my surfing, so decided to check it out. And it turned out my first impression was wrong, but actually just some are correct guesses...

It's about this club, the whole purpose is to make girls happy, smile, loved. But the main point is not HOW those guys do it, but each guy's lives are really interesting. The president is really a pro at sweet talks... then the twins are homo... a senior who is acts like a child, which reminds me of another anime character, but forgot liao.. anyway, it's quite refreshing ;p

But so far, nothing still beat School Rumble 1 and 2 for hysterical laughter!

light my way ♥

Monday, May 22, 2006 ;
4:50 PM
I like the picture really a lot. There is the sense of love, of contentment, that just spreads it everywhere.

The cutest is still the squirrel :)

light my way ♥

Friday, May 19, 2006 ;
2:21 PM
For this weekend... the ANU server will undergo some maintenance. So that means limited internet access, if any at all lor >.<

But planned after the weekend, a new blogskin! (And renewed gossips abound)

Haihz ~

light my way ♥

Tuesday, May 09, 2006 ;
4:16 PM
Just been to a christian camp the last few days. It's something like a outing, just coupled with a religious retreat to it. I thought I could go throught the whole program with my ankle weights, expecting it to be more of a sitter kind but it turned out to have several sports sessions as well. The one that took the most energy out of me was the balloon game, where I had to protect my balloon from being stepped burst by the other two teams but also still need to attack. Sounds easy, but not when you won the first round. In this case, happens to be I was the only one left standing. So on round 2, it became two teams gang against my team green, and at least 6, which opponent team does not matter here, ganging on me. The best I could do is hop around but with a young child who could jump around you like a monkey, the end was just a matter of time :/

However, for reasons i dun understand why, memories of Hui San always appear throughout the worship sessions. Her face, her smile, of her turning around and greet me with that cute smile. But all i could feel was that I'm very sorry that all I did to her in the end was to deny her hopes, and if there was a chance to go all my best to make a person happy right now, no doubt my answer would be her.

light my way ♥

Wednesday, May 03, 2006 ;
10:54 AM
Haihz.... first there was a break out of measles in nearby Bruce Hall. Then Shinya and Zhong gets sick alternatively. Now i'm suffering from migraine :/

What did i do le? I've been reading a lot recently, played computer games for the same amount of time, the weather are also getting so much colder that I had to increase the heater temp by 10 to 50 degrees now. But i've been drinking a lot of water also le. Instant soup too. Is that soup causing me this? They put MSG ar? = =''

But other than that, just these last few days, i've put my leg ON the SUBWOOFER <--

Must be foot reflexology gone bad......

light my way ♥

Monday, May 01, 2006 ;
8:08 AM
Hahahhaa!!! Well.. this actually happened last Thursday during International NIght but I just got lazy to write it down so fast. I think i had down only not many cups, certainly a cup of champagne but ehe... dunno how many cups of red wine, but at least 3 red wine with orange juice ^ ^''. Haihz... liddat also get drunk meh. Actually, i dunno if i was drunk or i was just acting up = =''. Eh... that sounds like one of the symptoms of drunkenness, what also dunno wan. I could remember i still could see things very clearly. i know what i was doing, I know what i was talking, and I still can eat.

So what did I do?
1. Took the appetizer bread, coated the inside with butter and heat it up with the candle right in front of me. FEW TIMES!! Delicious though = =''

2. Kept going onthe drinking spree. Ganbatte and cheers non stop with Barney!! Must have seemed like two old man in a pub who needed drinks....

3. I thought red wine was no flavour at all... so I added orange juice, meant for the girls who dun wanna drink wine... Jacob's Creek by the way...

4. It was buffet!!! Lots of great food!! But there are waiters and waiterresses to serve you the portion. Said Thank you to almost each of them and asked for more tim, even when my plate is already filled up!!

5. Barney finally had some relief. So he decided to call it a day. I helped him up though. Still can walk easily at this stage, but he was going forward terhuyung-hayang ~

6. Finished my dinner and had a few more cups. Ji Lu beside me went to grab two more bottles of wine....

7. She and I drank.... drank until I can feel y liver got numb :/ So decided not to drink anymore...

8. Laughed for no reason.....

9. Shouting Mou Man Tai with Shinya when he asked me if I'm drunk....

10. Took fork and spoon, and imitate rowdy children, banging the table shouting "I Want Food!!"

11. Took that same knife, and followed the bass with the music playing on, a shaking table.....

12. Sang Sound of Music loud!!! Well, everyone is doing that anyway....

13. Need some water, but I felt like trying to drink from the cup using my teeth to lift it up. No need to say what happened....

14. Dessert was WAFFLES AND ICE CREAM. I'm too disabled to take them.... so I gave my share to the whoever who wants more...

15. Was rocking forward and backwards. Head is feeling heavy.

16. Shinya was lamenting about a test tomorrow. And suddenly started to teach us about International Economics...

17. There seems like a performance. Some Stooge dance... hahahaha = =''

18. Ji Lu wanted a picture of her "drunk like" which i thnk it's already drunk. I went and lean at her back and spoil the photo...

19. Kept making Jia Yun, Sem, Xiu Qi and Dianne worried about me. Especially since the broken-glass incident...

20. Everyone wanna go back. And I could stand up straight!! Still can see where I'm going. But my legs are giving way a bit...

21. Then also feel like puking....

22. Shinya got me back to my room. Finally some sleep......

23. Until 3 am in the morning then cannot continue. So the two drunkards chatted at the wee hours in the morning.

24. And finally saw Diana at the courtyard at 4.30 am after MIA for few weeks....

25. No hangover :)

light my way ♥

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