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Wednesday, April 19, 2006 ;
11:06 PM
The night sky is really beautiful. Smooth like chocolate. Feel like reaching out my hand and catch a star. And that star shall store this most precious memory ever ~

light my way ♥

Sunday, April 16, 2006 ;
6:18 PM
Actually, the night walk to the lake isn't as freezing as I thought. I went with a winter jacket and gloves just in case (Very dark clothes ^ ^'') but there's no wind. Cooling at best, very nice for night walks :)

So where was the destination? Again down the Daley Road to Burgmann, and towards the lake. The atmosphere was light, fun until Don started on haunted houses = ='' Eeeek! It really sent me expecting to see white floating ghosts upon our path. The path is very dark, no light except those dim ones coming from the buildings quite a distance away. Haihz... where can liddat wan after all those talk of saying hi to ghosts. But really, it was freaky, must get back the courage to face ghosts again haha!! Then suddenly ahead really got something!! It isn't white but can see got something moving, one shorter than another. Like a ghost is not enough for a group of five! Wah seh, a couple la but after they went past us... their shadow... stopped. Like 1 sec after walking past us. Wa lao eh, my brain went into overdrive. It's been very long since i felt so afraid....

But the darkness does have it's good side. The sky was beautiful. The perfect scene for anyone to hold hands with their love and just stare at the sky. Other than the usual very bright stars, there are also millions of smaller dim stars between them, and all these formed a curvy shape, much like a milky way. Woah... i felt like melting away.... melt into the beautiful night sky and linger forever ~

light my way ♥

Saturday, April 01, 2006 ;
4:07 PM
Exam next week la... lucky now daylight savings start... got one more hour for.... this!!!

My earliest memory is...
Not really sure le... it should be that time i kena chased by that sheep who wanted to suck from my milk bottle... ^ ^''

At Primary School I...
Well, in my first few years, i'm more like those observer types, sitting aound the corner looking at everyone but not ever interacting. Then dunno why, i spent a lot of time and shared a lot of laughter with this gurl... and that set a very expansive chain of events over the whole school. I credit my 'famous identity' to these events. Why else someone whom I have never met b4 in my primary school knows me in my sec skool life. All the way down to 4 years younger than me...... = =''

My first relationship was...
With the doctor who received me on my birth!! LoLX!! Amazingly that guy still remember me after 19 years... just met him not long ago in hospital ^ ^''

Ok la... going by my earlier entry... it would be her. Can never forget that i helped her get a prize in a singing competition :)

I wish I'd never worn...
Nothing comes to mind... dun really care about fashion anyway

My parentz alwayz told me...

To study more. Haihz... and always compare me with my eldest sis. 'Why cannot be like your sis?' Now no more liao la... they know it's very unlikely for me to reach her standard ^ ^''

I wish I had...
Always go for what i want. It was always because i dun have the courage to speak, to act until all those wonderful opportunities just went by, leaving behind hindsight for me >.<

At home I cook...
Not at home la ahhaha. Well, it's not allowed to cook in our room, but either way who know i use the rice cooker to cook instant noodle :p

When I was a child, I wanted to...
Make people happy. To accomodate their needs. To help them get started. To let them know that i'll always be there if they need me. And i'm still trying.

The book tat changed my life is...

Pretty heavy to place such credits on a book. I think Hawaii by James Michener would fit that. I'm more open minded and understanding to events in life. But i'm still seriously lacking in many areas. I still cause people to feel sad because i dun understand T.T

If only I could...
Go for dinner now, really hungry liao ^ ^''

Friends say I am...
I've heard before too helpful and also too idiot and mean. Haihz... i dun have a fixed personality kua...

What I dun find amusing is...
Doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result.

I often wonder...
what really holds me. I'm just hopping from one thing to another now >.<

light my way ♥

4:00 PM
Just last night, a group of people make a very loud ruckus. What they did was to run ALL FOUR BLOCKS, one guy screaming very hysterically(reminds me of an excited monkey = ='') followed by at least to the 10s of foot stomps!! So it was like -> eeaha hahA eAah EaAh HGa EAaaHh EEEaAH HaAAha eaAhhe eahehe. Like a few planes hovering around above you. Haihz... even to the extent of bamming into doors and banging walls.

Haihz.... must be exam stress la....

light my way ♥

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