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Tuesday, June 28, 2005 ;
3:39 PM
There are simply two types of people in this world : Type A who changes the world when they think it does not suit them and Type B who adapts himself to suit the world.

Type A seeks help from others. Type B seeks change in himself.

Type A is more prone to depression. Type B is reliable and secure.

Type A socialise. Type B seeks to understand.

Type A is what populates the world. Type B are those who are rare but precious.

Girls seeks for Type B. Guys seeks Type A.


light my way ♥

Sunday, June 26, 2005 ;
11:43 AM
To be or not to be.

I rephrase it.

Should I or I should I not?

Just wondering, should i put up a tagboard?

On a sidenote, my life has been getting better these few days. Thank lots to people who are willing to have a chat with me, one time or another, namely Shirley, Soo Imm, Pixie, Kuen Thai, Olivia and the occasional gloomy Jasper. My appreciation to you guys.

light my way ♥

Friday, June 24, 2005 ;
3:16 PM
Omg!! I din expect my first day for this same work again would cost me until 12 midnite again :/

And my pay is fixed!!! No matter how long i work!! >(

Anyway, that was yesterday. For today, once i had done my part i cepat cepat lari LOLX!! I don't want to do another tape... i had done two tapes already.

Anyway, my office is near Sg. Wang and i am supposed to go to 1U. Since the easier way would be to walk to Sg. Wang and get on the monorail but since i can see KLCC nearby, i thought I could save the 2 bucks or so by taking a bit longer route. But.... it appears that i took one whole 20 minutes to walk there!! And the roads are full of speedy cars!! I dun dare to jaywalk also. On the way, i found this zebra crossing.. and then on the same spot.. a traffic light. Hehe. Pressed the button, and got 20 cars to stop just for me to cross the road!! Oo syeh ~ ;p

Then went to watch Initial D ^ ^

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005 ;
4:31 PM
A new friend always bring a new smile. And it is the most amazing way that i know her. Because of a virus. LOLX! No, she is not a virus maker, but there is this virus in MSN that adds everyone into their contacts to other people. So that is how we know each other.

Blogging it here to know that it is today. That i found another person to chat on MSN.

PS: Yes, Shirley, it's you. LOLX!!

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3:44 AM
If you feel unhappy, it is because you are pleasing everybody, and not yourself. We cannot please each and everyone in the world, so please yourself and the people most important in your life will be pleased.

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Sunday, June 19, 2005 ;
4:36 PM
"Women don't want to hear what you think. Women want to hear what they think, in a deeper voice."

Bill Cosby

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Thursday, June 16, 2005 ;
5:06 AM
I was bored so i went to a story forum. The main story is that Avians are dying out, so the dominated Drakes wanted to rebel and make themselves a home again. So, the start would have to get land to call their own, so they are more militaristic and desperate. Look at how this guy plans them....

... I dont thinck so thei have les losses when thi succeed co if thei are wining for shure there is no need for heroic deeds and overwelmd fighters on the battlefield whill retreat to the seifti of there oun ranck's lething his companions fight back the enemy as long as he recovers but when the'r defeated each finghter the is overwelmd by enemis whil fight to the death teacking as manny enemis with him as it can so thets whi:
-40% losses in combat if succesful
+100% selph and enemy losses in combat if defeted (This gous for defending and atacking)
But i alsou thinck that the loses shoud go ounli for defending like defending there lands with there life

His spelling...... where is he from? :/

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005 ;
2:11 AM
This post is a tribute to my King in Genesis, who had stayed up online for 3 whole hours, to prevent our kingdom from being blown into smithereens by two kingdoms, 4:27 ( the kingdom we declared hostile upon, slighly larger than us) and 10:45 ( allies brought in by 4:27, who are just as big as them) which means a kingdom of 3.8m networth of 17 provinces fighting against 8.4m networth of 36 provinces.

The King, Kain ( This reminds me of Red Alert!), was threatened that 10:45 will attack us, so he stayed up for 3 hours to prevent that from happening by Acts and diplomacy!! But he was just 10 seconds too late, because our Bird-flying province got hit and lost 566 acres and our super-mage elf lost 210 acres. But still, my respect to him, the first ever player i respect after playing Utopia for the past 5 years!

light my way ♥

Tuesday, June 14, 2005 ;
1:54 PM
Since we wanted some fun, we started a game where each of us add in 3 words each time to make up a story. This is called, The 3 Word Story. ( A note, the monarch is Khan ;p

A long time ago, there was an idiot, Khan who was wealthy and extremely sexy, but liked men of good body to find apples that had a very long nose and also sticky so they would be able to play football quite well. Khan said,"This long nosed apples is the best I ever tasted since my mother force fed me with unnatural lump as a child. It wasn't fair not to force an apple into a rabbit hole or through a donkey's ass, still force fed me a rabbit hole. He decided to eat cherry pie that has lots of big chuncks of bear meat which has a little cute maggot reeling about in the blood pudding served to Duke Khan II, his son. But Khan thought it was appaling and ate what the dog spat into the blistering red pool of some sticky strawberry jam tart smothered in feical
waste and vomit. It's really that. After that he said to Khan II,"O my son, I can't believe that such delicious things could ever be born from such cute little pigs. Then he ordered his kingdom to start making lots and lots of little piglets puit of underpants for the visitors. However, a problem had arisen from the swamp that was normally calm and has dwarves digging a big dam, but all of the plastic shovels were eaten by hideous undead orcs that came from... ( To be continued...)

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Monday, June 13, 2005 ;
1:55 PM
Why of all places i stopped at this spot just to get the baton :/



Sarong Party Girl (I'm just curious nothing more!!)


All she could think of is *** but mine is about ****. ( Hint : Background ;p)


I've blogged so many till i lost count d. The best are the ones i put my heart into it.


The Bard Achives - Like his layout!
Dorischu - She is damn knowledgable in these stuff!!
Smurfies - The blog where the tag board is more important than the blog itself!!
All the others share this same spot - for originality!


Dunno bout this.... i dun write to please anyone

I am now passing this baton to the following five people and they MUST to do the same holier-than-thou meme:

Hmmm... i dun wanna force people...if you feel free to do it... save me the trouble ;p

light my way ♥

Sunday, June 12, 2005 ;
4:26 PM
Lazy..... dun feel like doing anything......

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005 ;
1:06 PM
Hehe!! Yesterday's econs paper was unexpectedly easier than i thought. I couldn't believe that they could actually make a subjective question that is easier than an objective question!!! Woner why they design such a question cos by looking back the past few years, it was the first time such a question appeared. Well, all i can say is that everyone got lucky this year. Now, onto the next paper..... accounts!! Hope it's just as easy too ;p

light my way ♥

Tuesday, June 07, 2005 ;
4:45 PM
Aihz... my house got into a blackout. I was about to check my email, just inputted the password and woalah! Darkness..... i grope around for my handphone, i really have no idea where i had put it even though i had smsed 10 mins ago. Found it, and check out how my cuz is doing..... and in the darkness, found her in the toilet :/

Newaz, the problem was not ours but TNB's. The fuse was ok, other houses are ok and my neighbour technician also said it is not our problem. So we called TNB lo, and they said 'on the way'... i'm beginning to have a phobia on that word... i still rmb once.... i called up YK to ask where is he.... at 11am he said 'on the way'... then at 2pm again.... still 'on the way'.... haihz.

Anyway, the chance was there. My cuz and I started out first few meaningful conversations, just like the same way it was with my other male cuz....also coz of blackout we talked. So we went about toking for an hour, before we retire to sleep. Of cos, i blog b4 that ;p

light my way ♥

2:16 PM
Tomorrow will be my 1st Uni paper i'm going to take. So naturally, i look back at some past year question papers, and i found the most amazing thing! There are a lot of questions that get repeated year after year!! And i pinpointed that competition is a fav topic to ask, i'm going to read up on that more. Hehe.

Today will be Kay Yin's first day to internship work at Deloitte. So to make her first day a bit better, my mom made chicken rice (yummy!). I can see that she anticipated her to come home for dinner....but...... the company had thrown in an orientation dinner = ='' . Haihz... so sad.... but nevermind-la.... i take her portion ;p

light my way ♥

Monday, June 06, 2005 ;
3:34 PM
So she has arrived.... with da family!! Nothing special to note about the family here... She is the half-sister of my other cuz who came in Jan. So.... same uncle... diff auntie :p

I guess it was alright for our first day, i caused 2 laughters... so the days should bode well enough. We went out to a Hainanese restaurant and since all of us are Hainanese, we went to make sure whether they really serve the kind of food. Conclusion is : Their dishes have been modified. Haihz, it's the same everywhere wan la.

I stayed back to study while they went to 1U. So now i have time to scrutinise my cuzzies in my memories ( say until liddat :/ ). So, the 1st thing is that, she is wearing contact lenses. Hahaha!! That is so obvious, cos i was expecting her to wear her specs. Next thing is that, her smile is still as beautiful as ever. Hmmmm, i'm going to bug SOMEONE to get my memory card back. Then i'll upload her pics here. Hehe. Hope she dun mind ;p

light my way ♥

Saturday, June 04, 2005 ;
3:58 PM
Hahahaha!!! What my house has become? An inn ar? The last time was my cuz bro, elder than me by one year, who came to my house to stay while he is taking summer school at metropolitan college. That is for one month. I wasn't at all afraid that i would keep him bored, cos we had been talking on and off with each other every Chinese New Year ( isn't that sad? :/ )..... so it's kinda ok....

But this coming Sunday, which is 2 days from now, another cuz is coming up!! But this time, everything is of the opposite. 1 year younger than me, is a gurl, and no.... she's not coming here to study, in fact... coming here to work!!! And nooo again..... not for a month but for 2 months!!! You see, it's not that i'm gender biased or whatever, but the problem is that..... we dun have much of a chance to talk.... because she went to Singapore to study before i started to get along with my cuzzies. Worse still, who understands girls ? :/

Hope nothing bad would come up.... i really dunno what to do liao this time >.<

*Be steady, i must. Be tidy, i should. Be talkative, i (might) be.*

light my way ♥

1:38 PM
Haihz..... exams are so close by now. Econs next Tuesday, then Accounts on Thursday, Management on Friday then Business Stats on the following Monday.

As for Econs, i calculated that i need to get AT LEAST 65% in the final exam to pass the subject!! 65% is quite a lot, considering the weird marking they are doing :/

Accounts.... should be no problem... all i need to do is to memorize some numbers from SAC 1 & 2. Can be taken care of in a day of revision. ;p

Management!! The worst subject for me.... more probably because i need to memorize a lot of stuff. I hate memorizing.... haihz.... but the good thing is that... i did quite well in my assignments.... and surprisingly.... if i am to get a distinction for this semester... it will most probably come from this subject @@''

Finally.... Business Stats and Econs.... it's all about statistics and probabilty tambah distribution.... what are my prospects? I am 95% confident that getting a pass for this subject is within my ability level!! Hahaha!!

Good Luck. Getting 2 war wins in utopia will boost my confidence greatly...... :O

light my way ♥

Friday, June 03, 2005 ;
1:56 AM
Wahaha!! Is this karma ar? This morning when i woke up, naturally i go check my Utopia account la... there is this other king who attacked one of my kingdom mates... so i wanna retaliate for him.... i am playing an elf freak you see... who is...a freak!! ( no, not Alex ;p) That king is stronger than i am.... outnumber me by 1.5:1.....but i gamble la. I cast my troops in an anonymity, then also another spell to let them run faster... faster go attack faster come back defend..... then tie a ganbatte bandana.... close my eyes... cross my fingers.... send all my troops.... and hope for the impossible............ then!! Hahahahaha!!! i got through!!! Kakakakaka!!!! Then i relax back on my chair cos just now too stress liao.......

.....The chair broke....


light my way ♥

Wednesday, June 01, 2005 ;
3:23 AM
I din expect that this could happen. Look at this. ;p

Two Utopian players have found their utopia through the game.

Shalrin and LilDutchPrincess met years ago through KLA. LDP was in Kaer Loche and Shalrin in Rejoice We Conquer. They were friends since, but recently things have gotten more serious as he moved to the Netherlands for schooling. With the two meeting up, they hit it off and have been dating since.

Yesterday, Nick proposed to Andrea, who accepted.

We wish the happy couple all the best.

Shalrin played in Transcendence, Unexplained Entities, Famous and Faith, among others.

LilDutchPrincess played in Monolith and Butterflies.

Shalrin commented: "Yes, Finally... now I can tap that!"

LilDutchPrincess commented: "I still didn't get my ring!"

Hahahaha!! Happy Marriage to both of you! ;p

light my way ♥

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